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All About Bungee Fitness - Benefits, History, Workouts and Rigging

Have you ever dreamed of flying, leaping, and dancing through the air? Do you aspire to work in harmony with the forces of nature to sculpt a fitter, leaner physique? If so, a bungee fitness routine could be your ideal path toward experiencing weightlessness in the air and achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

With a bungee workout, you can rock a challenging exercise routine, create impossible shapes both on and off the floor, and gracefully defy gravity, all while having the time of your life.

A bungee workout is a perfect alternative to the sometimes monotonous world of cardio fitness. Some people who carry extra pounds on their frame may struggle with working out because of the stress on their joints. 

With bungee fitness, much of this can be alleviated. It's also an ideal approach for athletes who are coming back to their sport after injury. Those who have had knee replacements or sensitive knees will be sure to discover a world of movement on the bungee cord.

Uplift Active Bungee Fitness Woman on Bungee

Bungee Fitness History 

Bungee fitness was developed in Thailand only five years ago. But in that short period of time, the practice has since become a highly popular cardio workout that is fun, new, and healthful.

Perhaps best of all, bungee fitness is light and easy on the joints. It's a sensation akin to jumping on a cloud. Bungee fitness won't cause the strain that you might experience with other high-impact workouts.

What is Bungee Fitness 

Bungee fitness is a relatively recent addition to the world of aerial fitness, and it's easy to see why it's so compelling. Tethered to an elastic bungee cord that's attached behind your back via a harness and carabiner, you can perform all kinds of tricks and aerobic exercises that tone, strengthen, and inspire. Now, many fitness studios around the world offer bungee workouts.

A bungee workout can enhance your coordination, boost your strength, and skyrocket your confidence. It's a cardiovascular workout minus the impact, so it’s gentler on the body's joints.

The bungee cord gives just enough resistance to keep your muscles working, along with an element of playfulness that keeps you interested and engaged.

As you experience the freedom of flight, a bungee workout can synthesize components of pilates, yoga, dance, circus, and good old-fashioned aerobics. With the bungee harness and cord as your apparatus, you can reimagine many mid-air moves and poses that may have been previously inaccessible, like handstands, forearm stands, side flips and more.

Our bungee fitness equipment is used by physical therapists in rehabilitation settings for individuals with weak legs, as the bungee is a supportive way to gain strength.

A Brief History of Bungee Fitness 

According to many industry leaders, bungee fitness has its early roots in Thailand at Bangkok's Stories to Tales Theatre, emerging in early 2016. Since then, the core-strengthening workout has been taught, shared, and emulated across the globe.

In 2017, Tough Lotus in Arizona was one of the first studios to bring the form to the United States. The studio posted a video that went viral and catapulted bungee fitness to the mainstream world. Now, with teacher training sessions being held regularly, the concept of exercise with bungees is welcomed with open arms.

Flying bungee fitness may be a new kid on the block to the aerial fitness world, but it has so much to offer. As a creative adaptation of exercise, circus arts, and bungee jumping, you can discover new ways to move, interact, express, or even tell a story while you're attached to the bungee.

What type of bungees are there

Bungee cords are ideal shock-absorbers. Bungee cord is also sometimes spelled bungie or called shock cord. While the exact origin of the name is unclear, a 1938 reference to the word in the context of aircraft cargo may have been an early example of the term.

Later, bungee jumping as a sport started in the 1970s, although the practice had already been around for many centuries. Bungee jumping, a thrill seeking activity where participants jump from high structures tethered to a harness and bungee, differs from bungee fitness in its primary purpose.

The exhilaration of bungee extends into many forms of movement. You can bounce, leap, and even flip around in the apparatus. A typical bungee workout is a full-body experience and might include things like squats, pushups, and lunges, among much more. The high-intensity, low-impact workout will increase your endurance and liberate you from your comfort zone.

Bungee cords can be attached at either hip or behind you at your sacrum. Using a dual bungee system can help you to stay more generally upright, while a single cord at your back can allow for the excitement of full 360-degree rotation.

Bungees are made of an elastic material such as rubber and bound together by a fabric sheath. According to many sources, bungees were first used extensively for military purposes

Their elastic nature allowed for previously impossible tasks such as delivering large tanks to the ground from an aircraft via parachute. Bungees are ideal for tying down objects for transport.

A bungee workout takes the bungee cord to a whole new level, synthesizing exercise, creative movement, and a dose of thrill-seeking to the studio. And with the proper equipment, you can even practice bungee fitness at home.

Uplift Active Bungee Fitness Group Workout

Bungee Fitness Tricks, Sequences, and Choreography

As with so many forms of creative movement, and especially in the aerial arts, the sky's the limit when it comes to bungee fitness. If you take a bungee fitness class, you'll likely first take some time to become acquainted with the apparatus. 

Simple bounces and aerobic movements may follow, and then when you're ready you can learn how to leap and dive to the floor safely. You will also practice push-ups, lunges, and dance moves.

When you purchase bungee fitness equipment for home use, you can supplement your class training time by many hours. Alternatively, your home bungee fitness training can replace your studio time entirely. Bungee fitness is a fun way to get a great workout targeting strength training with a focus on building core strength for all fitness levels.

The Benefits of Owning your Own Bungee Workout System at Home

One of the greatest benefits of owning your own bungee fitness system is that it saves you a lot of money. If you think of all the class time or studio time you will save by having your own gear, it's easy to understand how cost-effective it is to invest in the equipment.

Plus, the freedom to customize your own set based on your own height and weight will be clear after you've worn a studio harness. You will control the wear and tear you put on the equipment. You can use it when you want and on your own schedule. A bungee set is great for beginners and professionals alike. If you plan to perform, you'll also want your own gear.

Uplift Active Bungee Fitness Elaine & Dan

Best Bungee Fitness Full Body Workouts

Bungee workouts are the perfect addition to fitness training. Building a workout routine like the one listed below will bring you a fun, full-body workout that never gets stale like other workout methods.

1. Uplift Active Bungee Fitness Tutorial by Novaturient Pilates 

Exercises from this 8-minute workout video are a great introduction to bungee fitness training. You'll experience total-body resistance training in a very short time, and you'll have fun doing it!

  • Always start with a thorough warm-up, about 1-3 minutes for this bungee workout. Mobilize the joints beginning with the shoulders and elbows, then the hips, and knees, working toward a smooth transition between movements. 
  • Next, stretch from side to side, taking your arms overhead. After this, you can take your feet wide, and bring your knees all the way up to your bent elbows. 
  • Then try a gentle dive into the floor, catching with your hands in front of you. As you come back, find that squat or plie position once again, using the momentum to spring forward into your dive. 
  • Next, move into your downward-facing dog position, which will feel a little different in the context of bungee fitness training. You will really feel that total-body resistance training as you bring one leg up at a time, knee bent, leg coming close to the head. 
  • Release as you straighten and lift the leg behind you, then switching to the other side. You will feel your heart rate rising quickly here! 
  • Then, experiment with running in place. You can also try your jumping jacks and squat jumps, running in place between the two exercises. Aim for working each exercise for one minute each, then resting for 10 seconds.
Practice this workout to help you achieve incredible muscle toning throughout your entire body. Because each exercise is designed to maximize your workout time, you don't have to devote all day to movement. 

Rigging Safety and Education: Understanding the Basics

Safety should be your number one motivation in all aerial endeavors when you will be jumping, spinning, and plunging headfirst towards the floor. 

Make sure you source your aerial bungee and equipment from a reputable company that has weight tested their products, like Uplift Active. It's important to always be mindful of weight limits.

Consider where you plan to hang your aerial bungee. The equipment required may vary from space to space. If you have access to or own an aerial rig, the setup could be different than that at a professional or home studio, or at a performance venue.

  • Always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. When in doubt, look up your questions, connect with a professional or ask a trusted rigger.
  • Learn from a professional.
  • Never exceed the working loads for your bungee set.
  • Never train alone
  • Check your equipment and your rigging each time you use it.
  • Store your equipment wisely.
  • You may consider using a crash mat for your training, especially for more dynamic movements.

    For additional reading material and safety training resources, check out ETCP rigging educators Delbert Hall and Brett Copes.

    Where to buy bungee fitness training equipment. 

    When you order from Uplift Active, you can have the confidence that you are working with the best studio-quality equipment available on the market. Our bungee gear is weight tested and quality assured. We even offer a 1-year warranty. 

    Fast shipping to most locations means that you can get started with your new gear without having to wait a long time. You can complete your transaction with our guaranteed safe checkout. 

    When you buy from the best at Uplift Active, you'll also have access to our training tutorials and our expert team who are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have along your journey.

    Our Bungee Fitness Equipment set comes with everything you need to get started or continue your bungee dance journey. Included in the set:

    •    A padded harness for comfort
    •    Your bungee cord
    •    A daisy chain that allows for height adjustment
    •    A swivel for rotation
    •    Round slings that attach to your overhead point.
    •    Carabiners for attachments
    •    Instruction Manual

    We also sell both the harness and the bungee cord separately for additional users.

    See our sizing information to find your perfect fit. We offer two sizes based on body weight. Don't worry if you are carrying some extra pounds; there are many solutions available to make the art of bungee workouts attainable for virtually everyone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) 

    How do I find aerial and bungee classes near me?
    These days, there are many studios dedicated exclusively to bungee fitness and its related disciplines. You are also likely to get your bungee fix at an aerial arts studio, many of which are listed on these databases: Can I do bungee fitness at home?

    Yes, you can! But before you do, please be sure you have done your research first on safety and rigging protocols. Please also use a crash mat for dynamic moves, and never train alone.

    Many practitioners find that the freedom and flexibility of being able to train, practice, and explore in the comfort of their own space to be highly liberating. Take classes at the studio and then apply what you've learned in your own home!

    What size bungee should I purchase?

    Our bungees come in two sizes based on body weight. When in doubt, always go with the larger size harness. They may be uncomfortable at first and you'll want to be fitted properly for comfort and for safety.

    Is bungee fitness difficult?

    A bungee workout might be a bit more challenging than it looks, but don't let that intimidate you if you are new to the exercises. You'll probably be having so much fun that you won't notice that you're working up a sweat and burning some serious calories!

    Is bungee a good workout?

    Yes! You'll be working your entire body, elevating your heart rate, and getting stronger with each session. And because it's a high intensity, low-impact approach to working out, this method can be a wonderful way to get moving for virtually everyone -- including those who may have compromised joints like more mature individuals and those who have larger bodies. Bungee training is also a great method for HIIT and Plyometric Training.

    What muscles are involved in bungee fitness?

    All of them! Bungee fitness is a full-body experience. In particular, your arms, legs, and core will be challenged and strengthened. When you are performing stunts such as one-handed push-ups, giant leaps, and balletic twirls, you can expect to be a little sore the next day.

    What should I wear for bungee fitness class?

    Ideally, you should wear fitted, moisture-wicking clothes, along with snug tennis shoes to protect your feet. Some people find the bungee harness to be very uncomfortable at first, and so padded shorts are available to ease your experience. But soon you might not even notice that you're wearing a harness at all during your sessions.

    Does bungee fitness hurt?

    Taking to the air in any way does come with a measure of discomfort. It can require some time to acquaint yourself with the equipment, especially your new harness.

    Many aerial harnesses like those from Uplift Active come with built-in padding to ease your comfort as you are getting started. Making sure you're properly fitted to your gear can ensure less discomfort, but be prepared -- this new apparatus may feel bulky and awkward at first.

    Most classes will give you a bit of time to get used to the harness before your first session. If you are feeling true pain, however, stop and talk to an instructor.

    Is bungee fitness dangerous?

    In aerial arts, as in life, anything can become dangerous without the proper equipment, training, or general lack of respect for the form. But with the right precautions, we're willing to bet that you're safer on a bungee harness than you are driving on the freeway during rush hour.

    How do I store bungee fitness equipment?

    When storing your bungee and harness, please use common sense. Although you can certainly use your gear outside, be sure to protect it from the elements and don't leave it exposed to extreme heat, moisture, or water. Also: keep all aerial equipment clear of pets!

    What to wear for bungee fitness?

    The best clothes to wear for Bungee Fitness are lighter clothes like leggings. These clothes will give you comfort and support, but also give you the flexibility to be mobile. 

    So what are you waiting for!

    The art of bungee fitness is a magical, dramatic spectacle that makes people truly smile just as it takes their breath away. With the right training, rigging, and equipment, you can help your dreams to soar. At Uplift Active, we believe aerial arts should be accessible to everyone who wants to try. When you are ready to make the leap, we are here to help your journey.

    Are you ready for your bungee fitness gear? Shop our extensive collection of bungee fitness gear!


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