Aerial Fabric

Confidently practice your aerial skills at home or in the studio with our quality aerial fabric for acrobatics. Our aerial fabric is commonly used with aerial yoga hammocks and aerial silks!

About Our Aerial Yoga Fabric

Our aerial silk fabrics are the best quality fabrics available for aerial yoga, aerial dance and aerial circus arts for students, teachers, and even Cirque du Soleil performers. These vibrant colors are available in low and medium-stretch aerial workout fabric options.

All of our air yoga fabric comes in various sizes, perfect for any hanging height! To choose the ideal length for your aerial fabric, measure the height from the ground to your rigging point, multiply that number by 2, then add 1-2 yards to allow for extra fabric on the ground.


We are pleased to offer nylon tricot aerial fabric. Nylon tricot provides durability, flexibility, and affordability.

The recommended max weight load for our aerial fabric is 200 kg/440 lbs.

Rigging equipment, such as carabiners, swivels, daisy chains, and other components necessary for safely suspending the fabric, is sold separately.

Wash the fabric on a cold, gentle cycle and hang dry or tumble dry on a cool setting. Be sure to remove the daisy chains and carabiner before washing, and do not iron. We recommend washing every two weeks of regular use or as needed.

We offer different lengths for different fabrics, with lengths starting at 4.4 yards up to 26 yards, so you can customize the length based on your needs.

Low stretch is easiest for beginners; it's easy to climb and maintains a consistent height for aerial yoga. Medium stretch is best for more experienced aerial performers, as it provides a cushion for tricks and flips.

Our low-stretch solid colors are the most popular in studios; they are shimmery, soft, and have a nice low level of stretch that's easy to climb.

Our ombre colors are a low-medium stretch and also have a nice shimmery finish. The ombre colors are slightly stretchier than the low stretch, providing a cushion in flips and tricks but still offering plenty of support for aerial yoga.

Our printed colors are a low-medium stretch and are slightly stiffer/less stretchy than the ombre fabrics, making them easy to grip.

Medium stretch colors are available by special request. They are stretchier than our low stretch and are great for aerial tricks and flips. These colors can still be used for aerial yoga, but it's recommended for intermediate and advanced students only.

If you're interested in seeing and feeling fabrics before you buy, you are welcome to order a fabric sample.


Our equipment is top quality, independently engineer load tested and certified, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty. It's built to last for many, many years!


We can ship to almost every corner of the world! Plus, it's fast. We work with the best supply chains to get you your order as quickly as possible!


From finding the right gear for your space, to providing the best tips on how to use it, our aerial equipment experts are here to help. We also provide training tutorials to help in your journey!