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Aerial Rigs

Practice aerial anywhere with our portable, height adjustable aerial rigs! Compatible with Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silks, Hoop, Static Trapeze & More.

We have two rigs available, in similar in size and shape. They are both high quality, sturdy rigs; both great for aerial hoop, aerial yoga, silks, and static trapeze.

The X-Pole A-Frame includes sandbag covers and is height adjustable but does not have top bar connectors - it is a solid bar. You need either daisy chains or a round sling to choke over the top bar to rig - our Aerial Silks Set and Yoga Hammock Set include the equipment you need for this, you may already have some, or they are available on our website. 

The Height Adjustable Aerial Rig includes top bar connectors, so you can clip your carabiners to it directly, allowing a few extra inches of practice space on Aerial Silks and Hoop. It is also height adjustable.



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