Uplift Active Aerial Yoga Video Tutorials

Free aerial yoga beginner videos, because we love you! Enjoy these free aerial yoga practice classes and tutorials to help you get started in aerial yoga and bungee fitness. Whether you’re interested in learning how to tie a yoga hammock knot, want to learn a new aerial pose, or are just practicing yoga exercises, we have the lessons for you.

About Our Aerial Yoga Instructional Videos

For beginners just getting started or professionals that attend a weekly aerial yoga class, Uplift Active has the aerial yoga guide videos you need to boost your aerial game. With access to over 20 YouTube videos, you can exercise, develop new skills, build confidence, and master aerial yoga and bungee fitness.

If you have questions about our aerial yoga classes and tutorials, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Almost anyone can do aerial yoga! However, it may not be suitable if you have certain health conditions, including:

  • If you had a recent surgery
  • If you have glaucoma
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have high or low blood pressure
  • If you have a current injury
  • If you suffer from a heart condition

We suggest practicing at least three times a week to see great results from aerial fitness, such as increased strength and flexibility. Feel free to choose a few of our tutorials and incorporate them into your weekly aerial fitness routine.

The equipment needed to follow these tutorials depends on the specific tutorial. Some equipment shown in our aerial yoga free videos include:

We strongly recommend doing warm-up and cool-down routines to enhance safety and maximize your aerial fitness experience. Warm-up and cool-down routines play a crucial role in injury prevention, making them a valuable addition to your aerial fitness routine.


Our equipment is top quality, independently engineer load tested and certified, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty. It's built to last for many, many years!


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From finding the right gear for your space, to providing the best tips on how to use it, our aerial equipment experts are here to help. We also provide training tutorials to help in your journey!