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Beginner Bungee Moves

Today you are going to learn about beginner bungee. This is the video for those who do not live near a bungee studio and those who want to start their own bungee exercise at home. You will get comfortable with your bungee after watching this video!

When it is your first bungee, always do a squat just to be sure you are comfortable. Stand back up, squat, and lean back, do this for a few times. Make sure your butt does not hit the floor. This will also help you get used to the bungee and have a feel of how it bounces. Walk to the front as far as you can. Feel the bungee and then walk back. Do it one more time and give a little hop each time you go up. Feel how the bungee works and you will see that the bungee will hold you and before you know it you’ll be comfortable and you’re gonna be able to run and jump.

The second thing you should do on a bungee is going to depend on the fitness level of the person. If a person cannot get on the floor yet, come up with a simple step to use the bungee. Have some simple exercises that you can do with the help of the bungee and don’t forget to make it fun. Also, know that the bungee can assist you into intervention. Try doing push-ups, and since your bungee will be holding you up to try switching this exercise move to other poses such as Diamonds push-ups or Superman push-ups.

Remember, if you're right underneath your bungee you're not gonna get as much help. If you need a little extra help you're gonna come to the front of your bungee. The farther you are away the more it helps. There are some more things you can do on the ground. You can hop back and forth, you can also spin, and you jump halfway or jump all the way. You can change the bungee, you can go up or down and you can get a little ladder or step stool to maybe move it up or move it down.

A lot of people like to start with a bungee low because they feel more comfortable and then once they get used to the bungee they give it up just a little bit because they're more comfortable. This move is called Tinker Bell, walk out to the right to the end of the bungee and if you can no longer walk farther you need to jump. Take steps back to where there’s no slack, squat and go to the left until you can no longer walk anymore and then jump.

Next time, go a bit faster. Do four slopes to kind of get the feel of it. After that, you can go a little bit higher and it gets a little bit more fun. The more comfortable you are the higher you get. You can take your shoes off, a lot it is going to depend on the floor that you have. Now that you are comfortable, you can do a stretch. You want to be sure that you get your arms and your neck stretched out because you are going to hold your head up when you fly.

There's a couple of ways to fly. Grab the bungee and go down, walk while you touch the floor. Then take and pick your leg up and flow around. Once you get that move mastered and you're comfortable, take your body and have fun. You’ll get really dizzy when you do a hard workout. When you're doing hip training or if you do a workout that will cause a little bit more exercise you might need a break. The more you lean out on your bungee the better break you get.

You can do so many things around the bungee. You can do basketball squats, get in the basketball stand and squat all the way around. It is hard to stop as it takes so much energy. If you do it one way, make sure to do it in another. If you notice, the more you lean out the more it helps you. You don’t easily get tired from this exercise because the wind feels good in your face.

Another thing you can do is hop and we focus on your arms. Turn your arms, so both sides will be worked out. You can go on your bungee with a jump. Do your arm at the same time, go another way after the other. You can go to circle three times.

For a great ab workout that you can do on your bungee is called the Karaoke. You see football players do it a lot. This is good if you have people who focus on their stomach. Karaoke is just stepping out and stepping back. You can go around three times and always go the other way.

And now that you have a little bit of rest you need to be working out with fat burning exercise. You get to all your body stretched and get your legs warmed up. You want to get cardio in your exercise to really burn it there. There are two moves that work for cardio and that are amazing.

Not only do you get a running leg workout but this is also going to be your affecting your ab too. You need to go as fast as you can, where you can jump around. Jump higher and keep doing it for a few times, usually eight times. There’s one more cardio exercise that would work on your thighs or butt. Get the squat position, basketball side at the end of your bungee and jump. Do this on the other end.

Now after all that run everybody in your class might want to have a little break so always get some free time on the swing. Always remember that everybody's gonna go with their own pace. You can get a great workout no matter what your level is. This was the beginner bungee workout.

Now, I'm gonna talk a little bit about people who haven't exercised or they're a little bit more overweight and they're not able to do these things yet. They can also do things on the bungee and get a great workout at their level. You may want to let them come to the front of their bungee where it's helping them out a little bit. Remember to do the small things like a step forward and step back. It won't be long until they can do a lot more. They can also get to the front or bungee and step side.

This is really good for your knees and joints. If it's something you can't normally do you could, with the help of bungee you can do interventions. This is basically a beginners workout and remember to always make it fun!



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