by Quynbi Ada June 24, 2021 3 min read

It’s easy to understand why many people love the warmer months. Summer is a time to show off those cute warm-weather looks, the parks and gardens are thriving, and we can finally indulge in outdoor fun. But for those of us who are involved in aerial arts, training in the heat can sometimes present added challenges. 

As aerialists, we know to steer clear from lotions or oil-based moisturizers, which can melt and drip even more intensely in warm conditions.But sweating can also compromise your grip. Indoors, your working altitude might feel even hotter since heat tends to rise. These kinds of factors can compound the danger zone that we all face as aerialists.

Many aerialists use grip aids and products only very sparingly, as relying too much on rosin or chalk might interfere with grip strength development over time. An aerialist definitely wants to cultivate strong hands and fingers as much as possible, and there are many conditioning exercises to achieve this goal. But in the heat, some products can really tip the balance and help you get a grip you can count on.

Getting a Grip

On a fabric apparatus like an aerial silk or a hammock, powder rosin can be extremely helpful. Made from pine tree sap, rosin is actually activated by moisture, so when you sweat, it gets tackier. This comes in very “handy” for working on longer routines and can be easily washed out of the fabric on a periodic basis.

 A non-fabric apparatus calls for other measures. When you are working on a stainless steelaerial hoop, especially in the heat, consider using less product. Again, powder rosin can help a lot here, whether your hoop is taped or not.

Girl on an Aerial Hoop

Maintaining a strong grip on adance pole is critical. Poles come with different finishes that can dramatically change the grip. A popular choice is chrome, which is super shiny and very slick on its own.

Many pole artists use a product called Dry Hands for this apparatus. Dry Hands leaves a chalk-like feel after you let it sit on your hands for a moment, and helps you stick a bit better in the heat. The residue can be easily cleaned off the pole after each use.

Aerial artists are notorious for innovations. Pole divas are known to useshaving cream and/or hairspray for grip onother parts of the body, like the backs of knees and the inner thighs.

Hold on to Your Aerial Partner!

So what happens when your apparatus is a human being? An aerial partner can double the fun in the air, but skin can feel slippery even in ideal temperatures.

Strong Grip

For doubles work both in and out of the heat, spray rosin (rosin and alcohol) works like a charm for many purposes. This product can even help when a lot of sweating is involved under hot stage lights. 

Athletic tape around the wrists, no matter the weather or temperature conditions, also assists with hand-to-hand aerial work. Consider investing in some aerial boots if one or both of you are hanging from your feet or ankles!

Other Considerations

As an athlete, take care of you. Eat well and be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, particularly in hot weather! Dehydration can creep up on you, so if you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded while training, get a drink of water.

While some methods for training in the heat are tried and true, others may be a matter of experimentation and personal choice. Just use extra caution when necessary and always take care of yourself while watching out for your aerial cohorts!

Quynbi Ada
Quynbi Ada

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