How to Wear Your Bungee Fitness Harness

This video will show you how to correctly put on the bungee. It is so much easier if you keep it in your bag ready.

To start, get your bungee out make sure that the red tag always goes on top. Keep it buckled together to avoid it from twisting. You don't want anybody to get in the harness with a twist as it could cause bruising. Always keep all your lines super straight, take out your bungee and set it out completely on the ground and check that there are no curbs and all the bands are straight.

Put the bungee on the floor and make sure it facing the right way and is not twisted or loose. Let the bungee student stand facing you. Let him step in and move your face away, don’t let their knee hit you in the face. If the person that's putting on the bungee is the opposite sex, you want to make sure that they'll pull the top part of the bungee. You always want to have the bungee lose especially for bigger women because you don't want them to feel tight and insecure right before the class. The bungee harness is not a flattering thing for anybody.

Take the band and fit it from the back. It doesn't have to be super tight but some people like it. Once you get the band on there you may want to tuck it in because you don't want anything flapping or flopping on the floor. Leave the leg band loose until you get on the bungee. Because it will go up a little bit and will get tighter, this might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. You can adjust it.

Be sure that the band is below the foam so when it rises up the cushion part will fold over and give it a little bit extra cushion. You can ask your partner, or whoever helps you put the student on the bungee to assist you. The equipment you should be using must be super locked. You want the students/clients to feel safe on the bungee.  The ropes we have holds up to 300 pounds and we have extra bandages at the top that holds 2,000 pounds.

Now, once you put your bungee student on the bungee always have them do a squat. Also, have them lay back to be sure they're not gonna hit the floor. If it's their first time, walk them through the process and teach them the basic beginner moves. If they've been on the bungee before let them do a push-up and check if they're comfortable. Ask the student if they are comfortable they want to change the bungee. Let them decide if they want to go higher or lower.

Once done, call over your partner to assist you to undo the bungee.  The students usually take the bungee off themselves and drop them straight to the floor. By this time most people loosen it up himself but you can help them if they need assistance. The harness might be sweaty, you can use whatever spray you want to kill the germs and dry them before putting them back inside the bag. If you keep them nice and neat it's easy to get in and easy to get out.

We hope you love your bungee and if you have any questions you can send a message to Uplift Active. Video by Universal Family Outbreak.


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