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Kids Aerial Yoga Uplift Active

Practicing Aerial Yoga with Kids

by Quynbi Ada April 20, 2020 3 min read

Aerial yoga has a wide range of benefits for adults and even more for your little ones. We encourage you and the entire family to try aerial yoga not only because it is a wonderful activity to enjoy but also because it has known multiple therapeutic benefits for the entire family. Share the hammock and share the fun!
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Attending to Your Mental Health in a Crisis

Attending to Your Mental Health in a Crisis

by Quynbi Ada April 06, 2020 2 min read

It can be very easy for us to take our mental health for granted especially these days. As much as we are taking care of our physical health, it is also important to give attention to our mental wellbeing. As we fight this pandemic, let us also battle the emotional and social stress we are facing. Here are some keys to mental health in an upside-down world.
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fit girls in workout clothes

Routine for Quarantine: 5 Tricks to Staying Aerial Fit

by Quynbi Ada March 30, 2020 2 min read

Aerialists at home, we have some ground conditioning tips and exercises to prepare for your future flights. Stay active now and emerge stronger than ever when you return to the apparatus.
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Girl posing with aerial hoop X Uplift Active

Aerial Hoop and the Perfect Spin

by Quynbi Ada March 25, 2020 4 min read

Ever wonder how those aerialists/performers spin 360 up on air without feeling and looking sick? In this article, you will learn the integral element and safety precautions towards a good aerial hoop spin - we reveal the secret of the perfect spin and how to master it!
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Aerial Yoga Splits Green Yoga Hammock Uplift Active

In Aerial Arts, it Ain't Easy Being Green...with Envy!

by Quynbi Ada March 16, 2020 2 min read

Envy! Oh yes, the word we all know (and for sure) have felt at least once or twice in the gym or studio. Whether on the instigator or receiving end of envy, this emotion causes unhappiness and self-doubt. Read on to learn how to manage envy and harness these feelings to fuel your own improvement.
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bungee fitness class

February Studio of the Month: Novaturient Pilates

by Jeranie Gemira February 19, 2020 9 min read

"All experiences, no matter how small, big, positive or negative are all relevant. Remember it all, use it all, to help shape you into the instructor or studio owner you wish to be." Meet Nicole Eyre and Monique Havenga of Novaturient Pilates. Their approach "is a synergy of holistic and functional – knowing that movement creates changes both inside and out, Mind, Body, Soul." 

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Thriving in the Air at Any Stage of Life

by Quynbi Ada February 09, 2020 4 min read

You may have heard of people saying age doesn't matter. Well, at least when it comes to aerial arts it really does not. Aerial yoga or aerial arts class has many benefits for people of all ages and not to mention it is also a lot of fun. You may be a retired professional or high-school student; aerial arts is for people of all ages.
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Jeranie Outdoor Aerial Yoga x Uplift Active

First Aerial Yoga Class: Expectations vs. Reality

by Jeranie Gemira January 28, 2020 3 min read

Aerial Yoga is getting more and more popular each day. You see photos and videos of people gracefully hanging upside down and might have thought of trying it yourself. Then why didn't you? Perhaps you have hesitations or even fear. In this blog, Jeranie, our Social Media and Research Assistant shared her very own thoughts and experience in her first-ever aerial yoga class.
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All About Bungee Fitness - Benefits, History, Workouts and Rigging

All About Bungee Fitness - Benefits, History, Workouts and Rigging

by Quynbi Ada January 24, 2020 10 min read

Looking for a new exercise routine this year? Why not try Bungee Fitness? This is a challenging workout that focuses on your movement and cardio ability. It may sound intimidating but this might just be the perfect physical activity for you.
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January Studio Of The Month: Lift Aerial Yoga Loft

January Studio Of The Month: Lift Aerial Yoga Loft

by Jeranie Gemira January 16, 2020 4 min read

We are proud to feature Life Aerial Yoga Loft by Michele Brandt as our Studio Of The Month. In this interview, Michele shares with us how she took her almost 20 years of yoga experience and teaching background to create a successful boutique aerial yoga studio.
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Lady on the Aeria Hoop/Lyra

All About Lyra Hoops - Benefits, History, Workouts, and Rigging

by Quynbi Ada January 14, 2020 10 min read

Another popular apparatus in aerial arts is the aerial hoop, also known as the Lyra and cerceaux. Aerial hoop is a wonderful apparatus for all skill levels of the aerial arts, from the beginner to the seasoned professional. On it, you can work your power moves, perfect your scorpion, or just sit on the bar and pose like a bird.
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aerial silks cross back straddle

All About Aerial Silks - The Art of Fabric Acrobatics

by Quynbi Ada December 11, 2019 11 min read

Looking for an article that will has all the information you need for aerial silks? Look no further! Whether you are just getting started in the aerial arts or if you’re an old pro, we hope to offer some helpful information to enhance your career as an aerial silk artist. 
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