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Pose Tutorial: Low Swing Shoulder Stand Variations and Bridge Pose

Hello Aerial Yogis! This beginner LOW SWING Aerial Yoga tutorial covers shoulder stand variations + basic supported bridge. These are great poses for strengthening the legs, booty, and core, as well as provide a gentle, supported inversion for your back. Visit for more videos and your aerial yoga needs.

Basic Bridge Pose

For this pose, you're gonna want to start with a low swing hammock about one foot from the ground. Kneel in front of your fabric and position the hammock along the tops of your hips. Lean into the fabric and make sure that this is at a comfortable spot for you, as the fabric will be supporting your lower body for the next few poses.

When you're ready we're gonna move into our supported bridge. Walk your feet out in front of you make sure that your hips are square and then lean back leading with your hand onto the ground. Lower your upper body to the ground. Squeeze your belly in and engage your core, engage your thighs and your glutes and bring your body into a straight line. For an added shoulder stretch you can clasp your hands together and press them against your mat.

Shoulder Stand Variations

To do this, press your hands back firmly against the ground and you're gonna reach out with your leg one at a time. Lift off with your leg into a straddle and wrap around the outside of your fabric. Extend your foot and hook, do the same thing with your other leg so that both of your legs are wrapped up in the fabric.

You should feel very secure and supported in this pose. It's a nice release for your back it's a little bit more supportive than the traditional inversions. There's a couple of variations that you can go onto from here, like a straddle. Your lower body should be supported by your hammock so you can slowly unwrap your legs and extend them.

For an added hip stretch, bring the palms of your feet together into a locust pose and breathe deeply. Relax! When you're ready, slowly unhook your leg. Use your arms to bring yourself into a seated position and you're finished.

Great job!


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