Aerial Yoga Shoulder Stand Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to do the aerial shoulder stand yoga pose. This pose will help you work on your balance and strengthen your core.

Aerial Yoga Shoulder Stand Guide

Follow along with our shoulder stand tutorial and learn how to perform the shoulder stand pose successfully.

To begin, shake out the hammock to make sure it doesn’t have any folds. Next, stand with your back to the fabric and gather four or five handfuls. Then, hop up so that the full seat is inside the hammock.

Once you’re in the hammock, lean back and bring your feet in so your whole body is in the fabric. Make sure you have the fabric all the way around your shoulders, resting below your head, and at the base of your neck. Additionally, ensure you have at least a foot of fabric hanging over the tops of your feet.

Once you have completed those steps, easily reach your hands in front of you, grab the fabric, and engage your abs to pull your legs up high towards the sky. If this is difficult for you, you can lean your feet against the knots to help you stabilize yourself. Don’t be afraid that your legs will fall forward and touch the ground. Even if they do, the fabric hanging in front of your shins will catch you.

You can rest in this log position for a while, and when you’re ready to come down, slowly lower your body, folding your legs and walking your feet out of the fabric. Then, bring yourself into a comfortable sitting position, and you’re done.

Thank you for watching! If you want to learn more aerial yoga poses, such as the vampire pose, ankle inversion, bow pose, or more, view our other tutorial videos.



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