Aerial Yoga Tutorial - Butterfly Pose + Ankle Inversion

Today you will learn how to do the butterfly pose as well as the ankle inversion!

Start with the fabric in front of you. Bring yourself up into a standing position one foot at a time. With the bottoms of your feet together, lower yourself down into the butterfly pose. From here you're gonna bring your arms in front of the fabric so you feel nice and secure. The fabric should be around your ankles and not your feet, this should make you feel secure. This is the butterfly pose and it's a great position to relax meditate and stretch out your hips.

To invert grab the fabric and frontier hips and gently let yourself fall forward. Adjust to whatever feels comfortable on your feet from here you can let your arms hang or you can cross them. You should feel gravity pulling down your spine, this is going to make feel really great. When you're ready to come up, bring your hands behind you and slowly walk yourself up. Pull yourself up back into that butterfly pose.

From here bring yourself down one foot at a time. After inversions, you might want to bring yourself down into this pose. With the fabric behind your shoulder, you should be partially horizontal to the ground. This will prevent you from fainting or getting a headache!

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