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Aerial Yoga Tutorial - Vampire Pose

Today you are going to learn the Vampire Pose! Check out our new ombre silks and more at

To start, check out your fabric of any folds or wrinkles. To start, gather about five to six fistfuls of fabric hop into your seat. Bring your legs into the fabric so you have about a foot hanging over the tops of your feet. Around your neck it is going to sit like a shirt neckline, it should be completely over your shoulders. Watch carefully as this part can be a little bit intimidating.  Send your legs, bring them overhead. You are going to end up similar to a tuck position.

Bend your knees and straighten them out fully supported by the fabric around your shoulders and around your shins. If you are ready to come, go back into that tuck position. Straighten your legs overhead and let them fall forward here. You just bring your legs out of the fabric and you're done.

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