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Aerial Yoga Tutorial - Bow Pose

Bow Pose is easy to do aerial pose. This pose will improve your flexibility and relieves compression in the spine. 

To start, shake out your fabric and start out with your back to the hammock. Hop into the fabric and adjust so that your seat is fully in the hammock. You want to scrunch down so that fabric is just over your bottom, it should not be too far up your back. Make sure it is at the base of your butt.

Hold on to the fabric and move backward. Simply grab your ankles or the tops of your shin and you have made it into the bow pose. You're going to feel a really great stretch across the front of your body. This is a  really good opener for your heart.

Once you're in this position you can move into a couple of other poses you can. Extend your legs like this, you can cross your legs back over the front of that fabric. You can hang out here. If you are ready to come down simply unhook your ankles one at a time. Slowly bring your feet down and bring yourself up into a sitting position.

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