by Jeranie Gemira September 23, 2019 4 min read

Patient, encouraging, motivating and passionate - these are the adjectives customers RAVE about in their 5-star reviews for Tough Lotus, an aerial fitness studio in Chandler, Arizona founded by Amanda Page. Tough Lotus was the very first studio in the US to offer bungee fitness, and Amanda built up a massive social media following for her studio after their innovative bungee workouts went viral. 

Tough Lotus Aerial Fitness and Bungee Workout

Their Bungee Workout classes include total-body exercises and dance moves performed while wearing a harness on the hip which is then attached to a ceiling with the help of a bungee cord.

Amanda is a professional dancer for over 25 years with classical ballet training. Her passion for helping others live a fit and nutritious life sparked the decision to open a studio. It took off when she added Bungee Fitness in her aerial classes last 2017. Tough Lotus is a successful Aerial Fitness and Bungee Workout Studio that is known for its “fun, effective and constantly new aerial classes”. With the help of their passionate trainers, they ensure that each participant will be taken care of and improve their overall physical strength and have the most fun experience at the same time.

We reached out to Amanda to learn more about her Bungee Fitness journey and the secret sauce to her success. Our questions below are in bold!

Tough Lotus Aerial Fitness and Bungee Workout

What made you choose to offer bungee fitness?

"My studio is all about Fun Fitness. Being able to get a workout and actually enjoy it at the same time. That is was the number one reason I brought it to Tough Lotus. Also, I am a former Broadway dancer and after years of working my body day in and day out performing and rehearsing I get nervous to jump and land on one leg because of overuse. So the low impact/high-intensity workout is such an added bonus and I have found a lot of my clients feel the same way.

Bungee is very similar to dance in the sense that it is full body. I think what makes it so appealing to people is the fun factor so people who don’t love traditional workouts give it a try. It’s all about enjoying what you do."

What have you seen as the biggest benefits of aerial yoga and bungee fitness?

"Bungee Fitness is a full-body workout. It is great for the core and incredible cardio but because of the resistance training it really gets the quads and hamstrings as well. Triceps are worked every time you dive to the floor so it gets all the good stuff. Aerial Fitness is really great for spinal decompression and has helped so many people to increase flexibility, gain strength and balance and relieve back pain.

Personal attention is the most important factor in teaching bungee. It is imperative that the teacher makes corrections and that the client is able to execute the movement in order to enjoy and get the full benefit of the workout."

Tough Lotus Aerial Fitness and Bungee Workout

In your fitness journey, what has been the biggest challenge you've encountered?

"I think the biggest challenge for me is finding the right instructors. These are not easy classes to teach and I am a stickler for proper technique and safety. I handpick all of mine and am so lucky to have such a skilled group of instructors that care and have stellar personalities. These are very vulnerable things we are doing in class so its super important that the teacher is approachable, positive and welcoming."

When you think of bungee fitness, what sticks out the most about your experience?

"I was the first one to bring it to the United States. A few months after I introduced Bungee, I had a video that went viral with over 100 million views. I was overwhelmed with questions and interest and still am! It is was what really put us on the map and I love that people love it as much as I do. Now, three years later, I get to train others who want to open their own studio and make their dreams come true just as I did. I love sharing my knowledge….It is a beautiful thing."

Tough Lotus Aerial Fitness and Bungee Workout

Did you ever encounter a challenging situation because of how personally attached you are with your business?

"The studio is a personal space for both clients and staff. We are all in this together and the only challenge I have had is someone moving away and there isn’t a studio for them to continue with their routine."

What would you say is the secret to your success?

"I love what I do and I truly believe in it. I push people outside their comfort zone and get to support their journey to health and wellness. I care about the individual and I know that we are all in this together. I don’t think of the studio as a business it really feels like a family of people supporting and encouraging each other and that is why I believe I have been so successful."

As one of the pioneers in this industry, Amanda passion drives her motivation. "Fitness doesn’t have to be boring and everyone is capable of doing something," Amanda encourages bungee fitness for all ages and sizes. Visit Tough Lotus in Chandler, Arizona to try out bungee fitness for yourself, or check them out on social media for more inspiration.

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Jeranie Gemira
Jeranie Gemira

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