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Honoring Your Movement Practice

As an aerial yogi, aerial artist, or anything in between, fitness is your song. You understand the vital relationship between mind and body. And you probably have your own unique fitness goals that help to guide you on your path to wellness. These may range from exercise to nutrition to meditation and likely include your own creative additions. 

National Fitness Day is Saturday, May 2, and we encourage you to participate. This is a day designated for celebrating that ongoing commitment to yourself, even if this year it looks a little different.

Photo from @pnwcarol x Uplift Active

Photo from @pnwcarol

A Day for Fitness

Have you ever wanted to set aside a day just for focusing on your goals, your fitness workouts, and your healthful practices? 

Founded in 2017,  National Fitness Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of May. It's known as a day in the year when we are encouraged to celebrate our "strength and empowerment through fitness." At Uplift Active, we support these values and invite you to practice them too. In turn, you will inspire others to do the same!


Sunset Ombre Aerial Silks

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2020 Curveball

This year, a major interruption has been thrown at the spring holiday's public events. Shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, and an absence of group gatherings as a result of COVID-19 have changed the game. 

But that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate. Even if your local aerial studio is still closed, there's a lot you can do to observe this holiday. Here are 5 ideas for celebrating fitness at home:

  • Take your yoga or conditioning practice onto the floor with a special  routine
  • Embracebody empowerment for yourself and others
  • Entertain yourself with theseold school exercises
  • Find a variation of your favorite pose or posture
  • Practice a gentle aerial yoga flow like the one in  this tutorial

Staying Safe at Home

Many aerial artists believe it's best not to train any kind of demanding aerial skills when you are alone. Stick to what you are comfortable with, and use a spotter and a crash mat. There's no need to push the limits, now especially. This day is about recognizing your own empowered self through movement.

Photo from @liftaerialyogaloft x Uplift Active

Photo from @liftaerialyogaloft

At-Home Aerial Yoga Gear

At Uplift Active, we provide the highest quality aerial equipment and to make it accessible for those who dream of an at-home aerial studio. We make at home aerial easy!

Quynbi Ada
Quynbi Ada

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