by Mary Jo Gruber April 27, 2021 2 min read

One of the greatest things about aerial silks is the variety of ways in which you can use your fabric to create stunning flows and elegant poses. You can easily transform your fabric by tying a simple knot using your split silks that can be used for conditioning, flexibility training or to add a simple twist on your next flow.

These poses are perfect for beginners who are looking to add extra flair to a silks routine or advanced aerialists who can utilize knot poses to break up more challenging movements. Ideally, you should begin by tying your slightly below chest level, so that you can be sure you aren’t too low to the ground and risking hitting your head. Once your knot is tied securely, you can take flight with these beautiful movements!


Girl doing a Monkey Pose on our Red Aerial Silks

Monkey pose can be seen as the foundation for many other knot poses or exercises. Begin by placing your knot on your back as if you were putting on a backpack. Slowly lean back until the knot reaches your lower back. Next, you can invert by bringing your legs up and bending your knees until each leg is wrapped in fabric like a monkey. You can completely release your hands here and enjoy a nice spinal stretch. 

Monkey in a Tree

Girl doing a Monkey in a Tree Pose in our Red Aerial Silks

This is an extension of monkey pose and can also be used to set up a wide range of more advanced knot poses. Begin in your inverted monkey pose and reach your hands up to just above your knees. Pull yourself up while shooting your legs out wide until you are fully upright with the knot behind your back.

Hip Key

Girl doing a Hip Key Pose in our Red Aerial Silks

You can easily enter this classic pose from your monkey in a tree position. Begin by moving both hands to one side of the fabric and leaning your body forward. Slowly swing yourself and fold over the fabric at your hips. You can completely release your hands in this position.


Girl doing a Buddha Pose in our Red Aerial Silks

This is another easy knot entry pose that can be used to set up other movements or on its own as a deep stretch. Begin by standing on your knot and bringing each foot around the fabric from the back. Slowly lower your body down with the fabric in between your thighs. Next, spread your knees wide and flip upside down by bringing your body through the center of your fabric. 


Girl doing a Coffin pose in our Red Aerial Silks

This is an easy and relaxing pose that you can incorporate in between a variety of other movements. Begin by standing on your knot and stretching one foot out against the fabric. Slowly lower yourself down with your legs stretched out against the fabric and your shoulder pressed against the other edge until your body is in a straight line. You can practice your balance by releasing your hands in this position.

Creating an aerial silks flow is all about exploration and these knot poses can help you add a dynamic twist to your aerial practice. 

Mary Jo Gruber
Mary Jo Gruber

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