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If you're looking for the ultimate family bonding experience, consider trying aerial yoga with your child or children. You'll discover a wonderful path to wellness for family members of all ages.

You probably already know how the practice of yoga fosters overall healthfulness in your life. Your kids can enjoy these benefits too.

Photo by Maryline Laugier-Diamond x Uplift Active

Photo from Maryline Laugier-Diamond

Setting aside time for family aerial yoga is the perfect excuse for turning off electronic devices and other distractions and being together with a common aim. But the mood doesn't have to be too serious. Aerial yoga is super fun and when you introduce it to your naturally playful child, the experience will bring out the kid in you too. You're not just working out, you are creating memories.

Just like adults, kids will be rewarded with greater body awareness and posture, enhanced self-esteem, and a foundation in mindfulness that can blossom throughout their childhood years and beyond.

The benefits don't need to stop with the younger generation, either. If circumstances allow, you can enlist extended family members, and particularly grandparents, to get involved. This can strengthen your already awesome familial bond.

Photo x Uplift Active

Photo from


Introduce your love of aerial yoga to your kids when they are very young or when they're older. They're likely to find themselves in their element as they take to the air. With you as their guide, their base, and their protector, there are so many possibilities to discover.

This joyful mama and infant video shows us the incredible bond that exists between mother and child. With her young toddler in tow, the duo practice gentle movements low to the floor.

Mom & Childe Aerial Yoga Home

The aerial hammock also lends itself well to creative storytelling, and who doesn't love a good story? Check out the birth story told through aerial yoga featuring creative sequences with children of various ages. Beginning in the cocoon of the womb, mom and baby undergo an amazing transformation through aerial yoga poses. This proud mama and her little ones have a lot of love to share in the air!

A Family Challenge

Once you and your kiddos have a routine in order, you can consider performing it together. Recording yourselves at home for YouTube or other social media is a fun way to show off your progress. And when the time is right, you could even present your work in front of a live audience. This awesome mom-and-daughter performance just might get you inspired. Their synchronized poses, tricks, and drops show us what's possible.

Photo from Maryline Laugier-Diamond x Uplift Active

Photo from Maryline Laugier-Diamond

Safety Measures

In aerial arts, always be mindful of safety. All aerial rigging should be installed professionally whether in a studio or at home. Aerial equipment is not a toy - there are inherent dangers - equipment that should be used only under adult supervision and guidance of a certified instructor. Please be aware of the possible choking hazard of hanging equipment; ensure equipment is stored out of reach of children when not in use. Make use of a spotter as well as safety mats to maximize safety. These preventive measures can provide more peace of mind. 

Uplift Active offers a full line of aerial equipment to set up your at-home aerial studio. We are stocked with everything from portable aerial rigs to accessories. Check out our store to start building your family aerial bonds. We make-at-home aerial easy! 

Quynbi Ada
Quynbi Ada

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