by Quynbi Ada December 15, 2020 2 min read

As much as we love to celebrate them, the holidays are notorious for the potential to derail a workout routine. Couple that with a global pandemic and it’s easy to see how so many of us could be struggling to stay physically and mentally strong right now.

Some aerial artists are lucky to have access to aerial equipment during this time, whether it’s home equipment or at a studio where they work or train. Many others are not so fortunate. But there are lots of ways to stay in the game over an extended interruption in your aerial practice.

Girl relaxing on her White and Blue Aerial Hammock

Photo from @aerialyoga_sanisidro in our Blue Ombre Aerial Hammock
  • Keep Moving: Maintain your momentum or rev it up with some cardio at home, a jog in the neighborhood, or a hike on the local trail. Getting your heart rate up always feels amazing and is an incredible mood booster. 
  • Keep your Routine: Is there a normal time of day or schedule that you attend classes or workout? Try to schedule your alternate options around that same time as much as possible to keep in the groove. 
  • Cross Train: Discover new-to-you movement pathways to compliment your aerial and yoga work. Now is the time to learn a technique that has always intrigued you. Belly dance, anyone?
  • Find Virtual Workout Buddies:This is a great way to stay connected while we are getting through the pandemic. You can Zoom with your partners and take turns leading the group, or you can use a program like our Uplift Active Studio
  • Make Use of Props: Athletes like aerial yogis often make use of exercise training equipment like bands and weights. If you have a pull-up bar, you can challenge yourself with a weekly goal.
  • Work with the Floor: Don’t forget that the floor can offer great resistance and help to keep us grounded. Check out our Aerial Routine for Quarantine here.

Girl doing a Downward Facing Dog while using her White Aerial Hammock

Photo from @itsfiveam in our White Aerial Hammock

  • Keep Mentally Fit: Practice self-care and reach out when you need it. It’s easy to feel isolated and off-center amidst the uncertainties of our time. But it’s important to let your loved ones know if you need a pep talk or even professional help.
  • Consider Your Equipment: A lot of aerial artists have found that the pandemic is the perfect time to expand their home workouts. You might find that creating a home studio is the right choice for you.
  • Be Kind to You: Most importantly of all, be good to yourself. Hard times are upon us, but they won’t last forever. Remember that while most of us are in the same boat, you can always take positive action.

So no matter how many of Grandma Bunny’s Cherry Jewels you may devour this season, or how many aerial workouts you’ve skipped, remember that this too shall pass and it’s not going to last forever. Making small efforts can lead to big, exciting results, like rekindling your love for one of the most beautiful art forms of our time: aerial arts.

Quynbi Ada
Quynbi Ada

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