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Get High with Your Friends with a Unique and Fun Aerial Fitness Bachelorette Party!

Aerial Yoga Bachelorette Party Bride in Blue Hammock

Whether you are the perfect best friend/maid of honor or the busy bride (Zilla? Hopefully not!) whose planning the big night out, we enlisted here the best party ideas that will never give you a guilty pleasure because you get to work out and have fun at the same time. 

While there are already hundreds of bachelorette ideas, celebrating the last days of being Miss to Mrs by working out is a fresh concept. Aerial yoga is the most popular choice for aerial fitness bachelorette theme. Still, there are other varieties you can choose from, like pole dancing, and bungee fitness. It all depends on what you and your girls love to do or would love to try. 

Aerial Yoga Bachelorette Party Bride in Blue Hammock

The kind of class you want banks on your personal choice. Usually, studios offer both aerial fitness and dance classes, when this is the case you can have diverse options and they may even allow a combination of classes. Most of the studios offer a private lesson for a number of people. Some of them permit studio rental after the lesson if you and your friends would like some extra time to party. The best thing about trying Aerial Fitness with your besties is that it's an adrenaline-boosting bonding experience! Shake away wedding nerves with laughter and aerial play.

Nowadays, you can easily find studios and event organizers that offer workout themed-parties for a package deal, wouldn’t that be a more convenient and healthier option for someone busy prepare for a wedding? Inclusions and prices vary per studio. Packages normally include props and decorations, some might give complimentary sweets and drinks. 

All party ideas are suitable for ladies of all ages, body types and fitness levels. 

Aerial Yoga Bachelorette Party Group

Pole Dancing Bachelorette Party

Get the ladies to tap on their wild sides with this naturally sexy fitness routine. By far the most popular aerial fitness option, pole dancing is a classic that isn't going out of style anytime soon! A typical pole dancing class starts out with a warm-up just like any other exercise. This will wake up the senses of your body and prepare it for an exciting and sensual routine. If all of the participants (if not, most) are beginners, the instructor will proceed with the basics and will introduce pole starter moves and then transitions.

Keep in mind that every pole dancer starts at the beginning. Do not rush in with any expectations, simply enjoy the experience with your friends! Funny memories are the best ones. After the class, everyone will feel extra sexy and more confident!

Aerial Yoga Bachelorette Party Bride in Blue Hammock

Aerial Yoga Bachelorette Party

Ever dreamt of being a bird? If so, this aerial yoga-themed party might just be perfect for you. Your tribe will surely appreciate this modern twist on a bachelorette party. Aerial Yoga uses a silk hammock help the student achieve deeper yoga poses while hanging in the air. It looks harder than it actually is, and makes for absolutely beautiful photographs. You and your friends don’t need to be super strong to be able to experience and enjoy anti-gravity yoga!

The instructor will guide you every step of the way and will tailor the lessons according to your level. Because it targets balance, strength, and core, you may need to do a little effort. But this effort pays off well, as you get to go home more flexible than before. The class can actually be more relaxing than strenuous as the hammock will naturally wrap your body, giving a cuddling effect.

Aerial Yoga Bachelorette Party Bride in Blue Hammock

Bungee Dance Bachelorette Party

Into something fun, new and challenging? Bungee is a new fitness trend that will make both your heart and body jump as it is a cardio exercise. The moves are a mixture of dance and acrobatics. Participants wear a harness around the waist which is attached to the ceiling by a thick bungee cord. 

The instructor will show you basic jumping moves and how to get comfortable with the equipment on your own. They may choreograph a dance for the group to learn together. You will have the most fun in this workout (and will definitely sweat a lot) and jam to music with your best friends. Remember to bring extra clothes if you plan to go out after class. 

Aerial Yoga Bachelorette Party Bride in Blue Hammock

What To Remember

  • To ensure you have the best experience make sure that your group arrives on time. It's best to ask everyone to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get everyone set up. Aerial classes can take a few minutes to get set up. You are likely paying by the hour for the lesson, so take full advantage to enjoy every minute of it!
  • Remove any jewelry prior to the start of your class.  Not only can it cause injury to you, but also the equipment (you are responsible for any damage that you cause).
  • Wear something comfortable and stretchy.  It is also best to always check with the studio if they have clothing preferences. For aerial classes, you'll want to cover up to prevent silk burns (sleeves and long leggings). For pole dance classes, skin needs to be exposed to stick to the pole (think booty shorts, and fitted tank tops - heels if you have them).
  • Bring a photographer to capture the moments! You can make some pretty cool poses in aerial fitness classes, and it's not something you will forget anytime soon!

aerial fitness yoga bachelorette party

Providing a fun and lighthearted activity like aerial fitness can make memories and strengthen the friendships in a whole new way. Just be sure to capture the moments with photos and video! 



Photos provided by E. Henigan Studios. Details of the photoshoot are  listed below:

Venue: AIR Charlotte & MUD Facial Bar (South Park)
Photography: E. Henigan Studios
Videography: Andrey Solo Films
Wedding Gowns: Paige and Elliott
Jewelry + Veil: Paige and Elliott
Bride + Bridesmaid Robes: Paige and Elliott
Bridesmaid Gowns: Bella Bridesmaids
Floral Design: Bookout Blooms
Cake: The Gateau Baking Company
Moss Art: The Savage Way
Make Up: Tyenisha Glenn
Hair: Shelly Kellogg & Pinelopi Karagounis

Jeranie Gemira
Jeranie Gemira

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