by Lindsay Nova February 01, 2021 3 min read

Some people say the gut is the second brain and having a tummy ache can set anyone’s day astray. Digestion issues can be troubling for anyone at any time and can certainly make an aerial yoga practice less comfortable. You may feel bloated or heavy, which leads to generally feeling lazy. You may wonder, how can I practice aerial yoga when I feel like this?

However, at home you can also design an aerial yoga sequence with your yoga hammock to alleviate any problems you may have with digestion. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to stimulate some compression to the abdominal area through gentle forward folds. Then, twisting poses help in getting the activity going if constipation or being regular are your issues!

Try Gentle Forward Folds

Girl doing a Forward Fold with a Blue Aerial Hammock

Girl in our Ice Blue Medium Stretch Nylon Tricot Aerial Fabric

There are many ways to perform forward folds on the aerial yoga hammock. Forward folds are very soothing as they compress the front body together. If there is any discomfort in the abdominal region, the gentle pressure combined with deep breathing will help to clear it away. Try sitting in the hammock for a few minutes in a seated forward fold to alleviate any discomfort. Enjoy the hammock cocoon wrapped around your body for a nourishing sensation.

Relax Into a Twist

It is said in traditional mat yoga that twists to the right side stimulate the descending colon of elimination. This is something you can keep in mind when trying twists with your aerial yoga hammock. This means you will turn the body to the right first. You may wish to do this seated, reclined or standing with the hammock depending on your energy level but all will benefit your digestion. Even if you don’t have digestion issues, twisting will also help keep you regular.

Girl seated sideways on a Purple Aerial Hammock

@aerialyogaelaine in our Height Adjustable Aerial Rig

A popular feel-good twist can be done on the ground with one foot in the hammock as you lay on your back. Pull one knee into your chest and take it over to the opposite side. You can intensify it by extending the leg and looking away over the opposite shoulder. Make sure you breathe deeply into the abdominal region

Deep Breathing 

The stomach which absorbs your food before elimination into the intestines is actually located closer to the diaphragm. The diaphragm is your breathing muscle and located just under the bottom part of the ribs. Breathing is a natural detoxification process and helps bring oxygen to all of the organs.

Chances are if breathing incorrectly, the stomach and additional organs may not be getting enough oxygen to function at their full capacity. So, this is the number one reason to breathe deeply.


Girl doing deep breaths on her Pink Aerial Hammock

Girl in our Hot Pink Medium Stretch Nylon Tricot Aerial Fabric

Deep breathing is also belly breathing or diaphragmatic breath. You can feel the entire abdominal wall expand like a balloon when you inhale and contract completely as you exhale. A great way to do this is just lying in the cocoon of the hammock, feeling it wrapped around your entire body.

If you’re having an upset stomach or excess gas, you may want to take caution with compression and also inversions, which are known for releasing gas unexpectedly. In this case, deep, slow breathing and restorative postures will be your best friend. The aerial yoga hammock has a nurturing quality, so  you can take advantage of that when you practice aerial yoga for digestion.

Lindsay Nova
Lindsay Nova

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