What is aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga with inversion therapy, dance, and strength training. The fabric aerial yoga hammock makes it easy to achieve yoga poses that are typically very difficult on the ground. Aerial yoga can relieve back pain, reduce stress, increase flexibility, and SO much morel Aerial is for EVERY BODY. No matter your level of fitness or yoga experience, you will amaze yourself with what you can achieve with the yoga hammock. When cradled and supported by the hammock, you will be able to stretch and strengthen your body in new ways. And you will experience all the benefits of hanging upside down in an easy and safe way. 

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Benefits of Aerial Yoga 

• Build strength 

• Relieve back pain

• Reduce stress 

• Counter Insomnia 

• Increase flexibility 

• Improve posture 

• Stretch your spine 

• Experience aerial endorphins 

• Inversion therapy 


Average price per class in USD - may vary by region.

PERKS of Adding Aerial Yoga to Your Studio 

Bring variety and stand out from other studios by offering Aerial Yoga! 

Aerial classes command a premium class priceand draw new students to your business. They also are a great option to host special events, like bachelorette parties, birthday parties, workshops, and more.

Our Studio Pack of Uplift Active Hammocks come with everything you need to set up your studio and start teaching Aerial Yoga today! 

The class offerings with Aerial Yoga Hammocks are endless! 

• Aerial Fitness Classes

• Aerial Pilates

• Low and Restorative Aerial Yoga

• Yin Yoga (Low Hammock) 

• Thai Aerial Massage 

• Mom and Baby Classes

• Aerial Workshops

• Events and Parties

• And so much morel 

   The uplift active Yoga Hammock Set

Our aerial hammock set is studio quality, and comes with everything you need to start practicing and teaching Aerial Yoga today.

Each hammock set contains:

1 Professional quality Aerial Yoga Hammock 

2 Steel Locking Carabiners 

2 Climbing Grade, Height Adjustable Daisy Chains 

Pose Guide + Online Instructional Videos + Fabric Care instructions

What makes us different?  Our hammocks are made of only the highest quality materials. When you shop Uplift Active, you know what you're getting (no fabric substitutes or knock offs). Our hardware is CE certified, and our sets are 3rd party engineer tested and rated for aerial safety. Our expert team is here to answer all your questions.

Only need the fabric?Yoga Hammock Fabric only can be purchased to replace your yoga hammock fabric or purchase additional colors for variety or swapping between classes.  

   What size do I need?

The default size for our sets is the industry standard 5 Meters, or 5.5 Yardhammock size, which works in ceiling heights up to 10 feet.They can be hung at a high or low height depending on preference, but most classes hang the hammocks at around 3-3.5 feet off the floor (around hip height). The ideal ceiling heights for aerial yoga is 9-12 feet tall.   Our hammock sets come with 3.5 foot daisy chains, which allow for easy micro adjustments to move the hammocks up or down for taller or shorter individuals

If your ceilings are over 10-12 feet tall, we recommend to get a longer fabric. We have a size guide for longer ceilings with our Extended Sizes Hammocks available here. With tall ceilings, you will need to choose either longer rigging equipment, longer fabric, or a combination of both. It's important to consider several factors when working with tall ceilings:

For aerial yoga, you don't want the fabric to be too long, even if your ceilings are very tall. Long hammock fabrics (more than 7 yards in length) are stretchier, tend to swing more, and can be more challenging for beginners to handle.  They also require a taller ladder to move the hammocks up and down. If you are teaching primarily Aerial Yoga, we recommend to get a maximum length of 7 yards, and consider our extra long daisy chains to make adjustment easier. A 7 yard hammock can be used with our 5.9 foot daisy chains in ceilings up to 17 feet tall.

You can get longer fabric and tie it shorter if you also plan to practice Aerial Dance in the space. Contact us if you need help picking a size for your space.

Sizing Guide:

Under 8 foot ceiling height= purchase 4 Meters/4.4 Yard Hammocks

8-10 foot ceiling height= purchase 5 Meters/5.5 Yard Hammocks 

11-12 foot ceiling height= purchase 6.4 Meters/7 Yard Hammocks

• For heights over 12 feet, contact us for options. 

All hammocks are 2-.4-2.8 Meters or ~9 feet wide, so you can stretch out in the fabric. 


   How can I hang my hammock?

Always consult with a professional rigger or structural engineer to assess your studio and install the hammocks. A professional rigger can be found at local live theaters, construction companies, etc. Local construction companies can refer you to a structural engineer. Since there are many different types of overhead environments, Uplift Active cannot provide remote advice on the rigging safety of your specific structure or installation services, but we can help you find what you need. You may require span sets or additional equipment depending on your ceiling type. Always hire a professional to protect yourself and students. The ETCP certification website is a good place to look for certified riggers, and your local aerial studios may have connections in your area. 

Weight Ratings

Our hammocks are rated to hold up to 200 kg or 440 lbs for aerial yoga use. Typically, the strength of the location you hang the hammock will be weaker than the hammock itself. Please be careful hanging the hammock that your weight will be supported. 

The forces generated from aerial yoga can be 2-4 times the body weight of students in some tricks. The rigging points should be able to hold 1000lbs easily and be rated to a 3,000+ lbs for aerial yoga. These are estimates and may vary from one class style to another; check with a professional rigger for guidance on rigging strength needed for your space.

How to Rig from My Ceiling?

The rigging required will depend on your ceiling type and structure. There are many factors to consider (such as other weight loads the beams may be holding, condition of the beams or structure, etc). Some ceilings may require a reinforcement for aerial yoga use. Check with your rigger or engineer for your building.

In most cases, you will either be installing a rigging point into an overhead beam/ceiling, or, using equipment to hang over an existing beam. 

We sell our Ceiling X-Mounts for overhead installation for aerial yoga use (please note, these are for aerial yoga and bungee fitness only and not suitable for circus style classes). If using mounts, we recommend to connect your daisy chain to the mount using a Carabiner or appropriately rated Quicklink. 

Our sets come with daisy chains, which can be used in certain situations over pole or round structures. However, caution: a daisy chain should not be wrapped over a rectangular beam or anything with a sharp edge, as the textile can tear if rubbing against something over time. Daisy Chains should be inspected before each use.

A better solution if you are rigging over an exposed beam is to use Round Slings. These are thicker and more durable to friction. These can be used over rated I-Beams and padded if necessary with rubber mat or burlap to reduce wear. 


Check the mount every time you use this hammock to ensure the rigging is secure and the hammock shows no signs of damage or wear. Develop a regular inspection routine with your rigger or engineer to ensure your rigging points are in good condition. Certain safety/inspection standards may be required by your insurance. Check out our Guide to Aerial Yoga Insurance for more information.

Aerial fitness can be dangerous, so exercise caution and always check with a doctor before use. Do not iron your hammock. Not all environments are suitable for aerial rigging. You must hire a licensed contractor, or professional rigger to examine your space and determine the proper hardware for safe installation and use. Please review our Care and Maintenance TIps for Gearfor more information. 

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   Space Needed

Recommended Spacing

Our Aerial Yoga Hammocks are designed to be suspended from two points. These two points can be placed around 18 inches apart. If you're looking for a Single Point Hammock, we recommend using a swivel and we have this option available as our Dance Hammock Sets; we can customize a Studio Pack of those for you if needed. 

Traditional aerial yoga is hung from two points for more stability. The amount of space you need depends on the style of classes that you teach. You need a minimum of a 6 foot radius from the center of your hammock. If you're teaching aerial classes with a lot of motion, you'll need more space (7-10 foot radius to avoid collisions). For traditional aerial yoga, it is most important to have space to the front and back of the hammocks, so consider staggering rows to give more space. 

If hanging in rows, keep in mind your wingspan and plan accordingly. Keep in mind any obstructions like poles or beams, storage space, or front desk. Be sure to leave plenty of space in front of mirrors. Check with your structural engineer or rigger to ensure that your ceiling structure can support your planned layout. 

Studios can leave anywhere from 5-6 feet minimum in between each hammock, but be sure to have at LEAST 6 feet in between hammocks in each row. We recommend staggering the hammocks for maximum space usage, and you can fit more this way.

Need help with your layout?Email usyour floorplan for spacing suggestions!

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Sample spacing to maximize a room: Stagger your hammocks in rows; if the hammocks are staggered, you can put the rows only 4 feet apart, with hammocks 6 feet apart (effectively having 8 feet in between each student, forwards and backwards). 

In the image above, hammocks are approximately 6 feet apart, but rows are not staggered due to the ceiling structure. Tip: having classes face together in smaller spaces can be a great way to build community. 


Save up to 30% Off by buying in bulk. 

We offer our best pricing in our Studio Packs. These can be used to set up your studio, or purchased to resell to your customers. We offer fun and unique colors and fabric prints. Our hammocks come with everything you need to set up your studio and start teaching Aerial Yoga today. The hammocks are comfortable, durable, and high quality for daily use. Need ceiling mounts? Check out our Ceiling X-Mount Hooks for Aerial Yoga here

We offer FREE SHIPPING on the Studio Packs to most countries worldwide, and we ship via express for fast delivery. Please note, country-specific import tax, VAT, or customs fees may still apply. 

Select from 3 fabric types: Low Stretch, Medium Stretch, or Low-Medium Stretch. Our Low Stretch is the most popular option for studios. This is easy for beginners to handle and have a gorgeous, shimmery finish. The Medium Stretch is great for intermediate to advanced classes, as the stretch provides cushion for flips and tricks. The Low-Medium Stretch (our Ombre and Printed Fabrics) is in between in terms of stretch. These unique fabrics are instagrammable and fun! 

Want longer fabric? Buying additional items? Email us and we'll send you a custom quote. 

Please see the color guide images for all available colors. Please leave us a "Note" at checkout with your requested color combination. We can mix and match as you want! If you'd like to mix ombre and solid colors, contact us for assistance. 

   Why choose our equipment?

High Quality Products, built to last

This is the same soft, silky, and incredibly durable fabric as used in the Cirque du Soleil. Our fabric is the industry standard low stretch 40 denier nylon tricot blend and is the highest quality. Beware of other products made of stiff, cheap, thin, or scratchy parachute fabric, and always choose nylon tricot over polyester as it is thestronger, less slippery and safer option. We test our fabric on everything from bursting strength, flammability, environmental safety and strength to ensure you receive the best fabric for aerial available. Our yoga hammock fabric is lightweight and breathable, but very strong - it holds up to 400 pounds! 

We also offer a one year warranty and our hardware is EN/CE certified, insured, and weight tested by 3rd party engineering in Atlanta, GA for the highest quality standards. 

Personalized Customer Support

Here at Uplift Active, we provide personalized assistance and guidance to choose equipment suitable for your needs and support after purchase. We help studios like you every single day select the right equipment for their needs. We take pride in our high-quality products and are here you in getting started. 

Our Email is the fastest way to reach us as we are a small team, but you can also reach us at (813) 359-9642. 


We reply to all emails within 1 business day, and will find equipment tailored to your needs! 


Our equipment is top quality, independently engineer load tested and certified, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty. It's built to last for many, many years!


We can ship to almost every corner of the world! Plus, it's fast. We work with the best supply chains to get you your order as quickly as possible!


From finding the right gear for your space, to providing the best tips on how to use it, our aerial equipment experts are here to help. We also provide training tutorials to help in your journey!