Our mission is to make Aerial Yoga and Aerial Arts accessible to everyone.

Uplift Active is the leader in Aerial Fitness Equipment and Resources. Explore the power of aerial yoga, movement arts, bungee fitness and aerial dance. Shop our original Aerial Yoga Gear™, Bungee Fitness Sets, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop and more.

Uplift Active is an American company founded by a need for high-quality aerial equipment at an accessible price - we ship worldwide and provide studios and individuals around the world with the equipment and knowledge to fly.

Our equipment is professional quality and weight tested in the USA. We simplify the process to find the right aerial equipment through our instructional videos, easy to use products, and personalized guidance to help our customers achieve their aerial and yoga goals.


We cater to both studios and individuals for home use to promote not only the fun and beautiful art of aerial but also the natural healing and meditative qualities of aerial yoga. We believe that everyone who needs or wants to try aerial should be able to do so easily and safely.

We've helped over 50 studios start aerial yoga and bungee fitness programs. It's our specialty! If you're looking for expertise in spacing, sizes, set-up and more, we're here to help.

Meet the Uplift Active Team 👋

Elaine Eason, Founder


Elaine is the owner and founder of Aerial Yoga Gear. She is a certified Aerial Yoga and Power Yoga instructor based in the Orlando Florida area. She has trained at over 25 aerial yoga and aerial arts studios around the world. She holds certifications in Aerial Yoga from Kapok Pilates and Wellness, 200RYT in Vinyasa Yoga from Fred Busch Power Yoga, and rigging training from Fight or Flight Entertainment.

Her favorite poses are inversions and spinal twists. In her spare time, she enjoys aerial dancing on the Silks, Hoop, and Hammock. Outside of aerial, she enjoys traveling, hiking and being outdoors.

Dan O.

Research and Social Media

Dan loves hanging upside down in the hammock every chance he can get. He helps Uplift Active with advertising and partnerships.

Quynbi H.

Blog and Content Writer

Quynbi is a writer and performance artist based in the Pacific Northwest. As a longtime aerialist and dancer with a solid background in hatha yoga, she has a passion for translating her love of creative movement into written language with an aim to inspire. She performs regularly around the world with her husband, Eric Esteb, as Duo Rêves. Quynbi is thrilled to join forces as a team member with Uplift Active.

Ginny E

Back Office and Shipping

Ginny manages shipping and returns. A longtime RN and nursing instructor, she is passionate about helping her community and teaches senior Bone Builders classes.

Questions? We're here for you.

Please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns. We're a small, family-owned online business and we strive to provide personalized attention to help you meet your aerial goals. Your feedback helps us grow; we love to hear from you!

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Phone: (813) 359-9642 or 813-FLY-YOGA - Please leave a message and we'll return your call within 1 business day.

aerial yoga pose for hips

Why Uplift Active?

Uplift Active was founded by a search for the perfect at-home aerial hammock solution. I couldn't find an affordable, safe, high quality option and was intimidated to set it up in my apartment. I decided to create my own aerial yoga hammock set and sourced the highest quality fabric and rigging equipment available.

Then I started Aerial Yoga Gear, now known as Uplift Active, to share my hammock set with others - as well as spread knowledge, high quality products, and aerial yoga love to over 30 countries. Ultimately, we want to make aerial yoga accessible everywhere! Our hammocks are the first choice of yoga studios all around the world. Now our collections include our signature yoga hammmock set, aerial rigs, aerial hoops, aerial silks, accessories and more.

We are here as a resource for you and strive to create content to encourage, inspire you to be a healthier and happier you.

Uplift Active strives not only to provide the highest quality gear for aerial arts - we'll give you all the tips, tricks, and tutorials for you to either start aerial at your studio or start practicing at home today.


Elaine E.

Owner and Founder

Wondering about Aerial Yoga?

The inversion benefits of Aerial Yoga will lengthen your spine and relieve pressure. An inversion is a pose in which your heart is higher than your head. Every day, gravity and daily activities compress our spines and lead to back pain. Inversion therapy reverses this pressure and provides relief in just a few minutes upside down. Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga with inversion therapy, dance, and strength training.

The fabric aerial yoga hammock makes it easy to achieve yoga poses that are typically very difficult on the ground. 



The aerial hammock can be used as a cocoon, and it is amazing for meditation, relaxing, and napping. It can be used indoors or outdoors and can be a fun way to change your exercise routine.

For more information on aerial arts, check out our blog!

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Studio Quality

Our equipment is top quality, independently engineer load tested and certified, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty. It's built to last for many, many years!

Fast and International Shipping

We can ship to almost every corner of the world! Plus, it's fast. We work with the best supply chains to get you your order as quickly as possible!

Expert Help

From finding the right gear for your space, to providing the best tips on how to use it, our aerial equipment experts are here to help. We also provide training tutorials to help in your journey!