by Jeranie Gemira May 15, 2019 3 min read

Want to do something challenging? Enjoy these backbend poses to relieve yourself from anxiety, clean your thoughts from stress, and strengthen those back muscles. These five poses are believed to open the heart chakra, although hard to achieve, it rewards your body with extreme flexibility and strength. Learn more of the benefits by reading through this article. The Yoga Hammock Set is the perfect tool to provide support and resistance as needed to deepen your backbends. For your safety, only attempt under the guidance and spotting of a trained instructor.

Backbend Poses and Instructions

Elaine in Red Yoga Hammock Beginner Backbend

Beginner Backbend

Place the fabric around your shoulders like a backpack. Bend your knees into chair pose. Grasp the fabric in front of you and step your feet slowly bend backward, sinking your weight into the fabric. Slide the fabric down to your mid-back to deepen the stretch.

Elaine on Red Yoga Hammock Standing Backbend

Standing Backbend

A great beginner backbend and balance challenge! Stand in front of the hammock. Place one foot in the fabric, and turn so that your back is to the fabric. Bend your lifted knee and reach overhead to grab the fabric, so your hands are at either side of your ears. Extend the suspended leg behind you and straighten your arms to experience a yummy stretch!

Elaine on Red Yoga Hammock Aerial Passe

Aerial Passe

Begin standing in the fabric and cross the fabric on one ankle. Grasp the fabric tightly overhead, thumbs down. Lift the free foot through the two sides of the hammock. Lower yourself down and extend the wrapped ankle behind you. Bend the forward leg into a passe position. To exit, lead with the booty back through the sides of the hammock, to return to a standing position.

Elaine on Red Yoga Hammock Hero Backbend

Hero Backbend

Kneel on the ground in front of your hammock. Grab the fabric in front of you, and wrist wrap from the outside like you are giving the hammock a hug. Lift from the hips and extend backward. Allow gravity to release and deepen the backbend.

Elaine on Red Yoga Hammock Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose

Start seated in the fabric in Bucket Seat. Bunch the fabric so that it extends from the bottom of the glutes to the lower back. Slowly lower backward into wheel pose. If available to you, reach back and grab your feet for a deeper stretch.


Improves Physical Fitness

Because of daily activities and work, most of us suffer from poor posture and its painful effects- neck pain, back problem, poor balance, and even headaches (Harvard Health).  Backbend poses increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and alleviate body tension. With proper practice and regular exercise, it shall promote better posture and improve overall fitness (Dahl).

Even Our Organs Love Them

Opening the heart chakra not only sounds fancy - it is also a great way to ensure stimulation of our lymphatic system. According to Laura Fitzgerald of Original Silence, backbends “help stimulate the lymph nodes and movement of lymphatic fluid through these nodes, helping to filter lymph fluid to remove infection and waste in the body.”

Included in the list are kidney and liver. Correct breathing is an essential element to successfully master any yoga pose. One must learn how to control their breathing and create a pattern while being mindful with the pose. Thus, enhancing the oxygen flow. 

Build Up Healthy Mind and Spirit

Sane mind and healthy spirit, don’t you wish you got it all? Backbend poses not only offer physical strength and flexibility, but it is also popularly known to boost our mental states. This pose teaches us to trust and focus on movement in ways that we may not experience in day to day life. This can take us out of our usual routines and result in a calmer mind and flowing spirit.

Include these poses on your exercises routine to maintain a better posture and experience overall health improvement. Be careful in doing backbends as it can strain your lower back - check with your doctor before practicing if you have a history of back problems, and of course attempt first with a qualified trained instructor. Remember to do proper breathing as it assists in your comfort and control.


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Jeranie Gemira
Jeranie Gemira

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