by Jeranie Gemira January 28, 2020 3 min read

Aerial fitness is continuously increasing its popularity all over the world. I work at Uplift Active, answering customer reviews and emails, and it always makes me smile when I read how aerial yoga positively affected their health. If you are not familiar with aerial yoga, this type of exercise is an intensified yoga practice with the help of a piece of fabric suspended mid-air.  

Working for a company popularly known for its high-quality aerial yoga gear always made me wonder how interesting flying yoga would be. I didn't have a chance to try this before I started working at Uplift Active. But I would often see good photos; graceful ladies with slender body bending in ways I could not imagine doing. Because of that, I always thought aerial yoga might not be for someone like me.

Then I was given the chance to attend my first aerial yoga class. I was excited, but more than anything, I was quite scared. I asked questions I am sure any first timers would - What should I do when I get to the class? What if I can’t keep up with the instructor? Will I be able to hold myself? 

Uplift Active x Jeranie


I am too heavy and my legs are short, I will surely not be able to get on the hammock.


After very good warm-up exercises, my body felt more relaxed and stretched. I was able to sit on the hammock comfortably.

Depending on the instructor, warm-up varies and each style is different, but the beginning exercises are as important and helpful as the poses. I made sure to follow through the routine and broke a sweat, but I knew that the warm-up is an important foundation in learning aerial yoga and safe practice.


I do not work out regularly, I won’t have enough strength to pull my body in that hammock.


I did! Although not perfect, I am very happy that I was able to pull myself and pose mid-air. 

Of course, it needed a lot of strength but more than anything it was actually the style of how you pull yourself up. My hips were down and my legs did not straighten perfectly but I guess that’s just another reason for me to practice and learn better.  I remember how I depended on the hammock to assist the other parts of my body I can’t carry, but I am happy with my little achievement.


Aerial Yoga is a difficult exercise and would not be suitable for beginners like me. Since I do not have formal yoga lessons I imagined I would have a very hard time learning the poses and getting comfortable with my level.


I had a wonderful time! I tried doing an inversion for the very first time and I was able to successfully do it. 

I failed the few first tries but I kept trying (slowly and with the guidance of the instructor) and then I was there, smiling and I see the world upside down for the very first time. I even get to try other beginner poses (and take photos of them as well). What I’m saying is, you don’t need to have super strength and maximum flexibility to be able to practice aerial yoga. Just show up and try. Even if you have concerns or questions like me, you just might end up loving it too.

Jeranie Gemira
Jeranie Gemira

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