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Tips for Tight Hammock Knots

Hi everyone! In this video, you will learn tips on how to untie really tight and old yoga hammock knots. We hope you enjoy watching this video!

To start, get the carabiner out of the fabric. You can unhook the carabiner and take the fabric out. And then it’s a lot easier to untie the knot that way.

If you’re in a situation where this fabric is really tight and had been there for a long time this trick we have might help you untie your hammock knots.

Use a color pencil that has an unsharpened end. Use to pry the fabric on the other side of the knot. Sit the end of the pencil into the edges of the knot and pry fabric apart loosening when you can. And you’ll see that the fabric just comes right off. After this, you can pull the carabiner out of the end.

You can re-tie to a different height if you need too. Or throw this in the washer on a cold gentle cycle and hang dry to freshen up your hammock.

You’re good to go! Thank you for watching! Visit for more videos and your aerial yoga needs.



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