10-Minute Aerial Yoga Flow

Wake up all the muscles in your body by following this aerial yoga practice tutorial. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy exercise routine to start your yoga classes or searching for a simple at-home aerial workout routine, this 10-minute aerial yoga tutorial is for you!

About Our 10-Minute Aerial Yoga Guide

Learn how to do the floating dog, inverted Buddha Konasana, monkey, and more poses so you can add them to your daily aerial routine.

Begin with a simple forward fold. Stand with the fabric in front of you at your pelvic touch point and hinge forward at the waist. The fabric should be at the point where your legs meet your upper body.

Take a few deep breaths and walk from here into a downward-facing dog position. Slowly walk your hands forward and your feet backward. Depending on the height of your hammock, your feet might be coming off the ground slightly, which is okay.

Next, move into a floating dog position. One leg at a time, lift your foot from the floor into the air behind you. If you feel like you're sliding or want to open up your hips, bring your legs into a straddle and ensure you're actively pushing away from the mat with your hands. You should feel a great stretch across your shoulders and your upper back.

From here, move into a different variation of the inverted Buddha Konasana or butterfly pose by bringing the soles of your feet together.

You can do a great inversion in the morning called a cannonball pose. To do the cannonball pose, release your legs and bring them into a folded position. Then, one arm at a time, you can release yourself from the ground so that you're floating from your hammock. This position is a really safe and gentle inversion.

When you're ready, walk your hands back and bring your feet down into your downward dog. Hang out there and in your forward fold for a few moments before coming up to ensure your body is used to standing upright again. Walk back into your downward or forward fold and take a few breaths here.

Next, slowly bring yourself up into a standing position. Roll your shoulders back and take a deep breath to release. You can do some variations to stretch out your hips and your hamstrings.

Stand behind your fabric and fan it out. Then, gather about four to five handfuls of the hammock. Put your right foot into the fabric entirely so the fabric is stretched out all the way up your leg to your mid-thigh. Make sure you are centered underneath the center line to ensure you don't get pulled in one direction or the other.

From there, you can bring your leg inwards and outwards to loosen up that right hip. If you're not centered, you might feel yourself getting pulled forward or backward. If you feel unstable, try taking a couple of hops forward.

Move into an extension to stretch out your groin. Put the weight into that right leg that is being supported by the fabric. Put your left hand onto your thigh to stabilize yourself. You can let go with that left hand if you want to challenge your balance. Then we’re going to stretch in the other direction.

Take the fabric off your extended foot so the fabric is bunched on the back of your thigh. Then lean forward, following the weight into your right leg that's being supported by the hammock. Now that your foot is fully on the ground, you should feel a nice stretch on your left side.

Next, move into a hamstring stretch and then a monkey pose. Bring the fabric all the way up to your leg. It's very important that the fabric goes all the way up to your glute. Then, reach forward towards the foot that’s inside your fabric. Try to bend with a straight back to get a bit of a back and hamstring stretch.

Make sure that the fabric is on your butt, and bend your right leg so that it's parallel to your hips. See how you have two sides of your fabric? Bring your upper body through the middle of the two sides of your hammock. With your right arm, reach up and grab the hammock. If you feel secure, you can lift up with your left leg and pull it behind you into a quad stretch. If you’re feeling creative and want to have some fun, give yourself a little push.

For another variation, you can bring that left leg on top of your right. This position is a great way to open up your hips. If you're ready, bring your left leg down slowly, and stabilize yourself. Bring your body out from inside the fabric. Next, straighten your right leg, bend your leg, and pull the fabric off of your upper leg. Pull it off of your foot gently, and grab the hammock to stabilize yourself.

Now, do the same thing on the other side. Span out your fabric, wrap a few handfuls, and then put your left leg into the hammock. Start by opening that hip, bringing the fabric forward and to the side. Make sure you're centered.

If you're ready, pour the weight into that left leg to stretch out your groin. Remember to breathe and make sure you are centered here. If you feel yourself being pulled, extend your right arm so you feel the challenge of meeting the balance.

After a few breaths, bring your leg forward and pull the fabric behind your thigh into your groin. Pour the weight into your left leg, leaning forward and keeping your right foot on the ground. You should feel a calf and groin stretch.

Now we'll move into our hamstring stretch and our monkey pose. Extend the fabric across your leg. Make sure your foot is in the fabric and that it’s all the way up to the middle of your glute. Reach upwards and bend forward at the waist. Keep your back straight if you want to elongate the spine and get a hamstring stretch.

When you're ready, stand up and bend your left leg so your calf is parallel to your hips. Make sure that fabric is up on your glute; that'll ensure you're supported if you let go off the ground. Pull yourself forward in front of the two sides of the fabric and ensure your shoulders aren't bunched up. If you need to do a shoulder roll backward, go ahead. You can let go with your right leg and grab it with your right arm behind you. For that quad stretch, you may want to give yourself a little push. Bring your right leg on top of your left bent leg. Just take a few breaths here and enjoy the gentle movement.

When you're ready to come down, bring that right foot down and slowly bring yourself out of the fabric. Straighten your left leg, pull the fabric off of your leg, and bring yourself into a standing position.

For our final stretch, we’ll do one quick shoulder stretch. Grab the fabric with both hands, forward from your waist so that your body is in an L position. Then you can sway from side to side. When you're finished, roll yourself up one vertebra at a time. Roll your shoulders and take a deep breath.

Namaste! Thank you for watching. I hope you feel refreshed and ready to start your day!

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This aerial flow can support weight management as it can tone your muscles and help you burn calories. However, weight loss results will vary based on your consistency and other lifestyle factors.

We recommend doing this aerial flow a few times a week. As you get comfortable doing the poses, you can gradually increase the number of sessions. When doing aerial yoga, always listen to your body and adjust your routine based on how you feel!

Yes! We recommend maintaining a consistent and mindful breathing routine throughout the exercise. Generally, syncing your breath with the movement, like inhaling during extensions and exhaling during folds, can support fluid transitions and help you stay centered and focused.

Before doing any aerial exercise, inspect your equipment for any wear, tear, or damage, and only perform the exercise if your equipment is safe to use. Additionally, if you have any health concerns or injuries, consult a professional before attempting these poses.


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