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Lightweight Stainless Steel Double Point Lyra

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The Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra, is a circus apparatus used to perform beautiful movements and shapes in the air. 

These Uplift Active hoops are perfect for everyone from beginners to professionals - they are hollow stainless steel with two welded steel tabs.

Our double tab hoops are lightweight and easy to manipulate; they move with the performer and tend to bruise less. 

This product has a higher than average delivery time; please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery as some sizes may be made to order.

Available in two grip sizes:

The 24.3mm Grip is the aerial industry standard diameter of tubing. It is perfect for performances, tricks, and drops. Suitable for aerialists who are comfortable with the smaller handgrip.

The 34mm Grip is thicker than standard, and provides a more comfortable grip for beginners or those transitioning from pole fitness.

This Aerial Hoop is perfect for performances, tricks, and drops.

Available in these sizes:

    • 31 inch (800mm) diameter
    • 33 inch (850mm) diameter
    • 35 inch (900mm) diameter
    • 37 inch (950mm) diameter
    • 39 inch (1000mm) diameter

Measurements are taken from the inner diameter, which allows you to have the correct distance from your head to the upper bar. The millimeter measurement is the most accurate dimension.

What size is best for me?

A method of selecting an aerial hoop diameter is to sit in a chair and measure the distance from the seat of the chair to the top of the head, then add 2 inches.

** Hardware Not Included ** 

Safety tips for aerial fitness:

  • Use a mat under your apparatus
  • Always practice with a spotter for flips and harder moves
  • Learn from a professional. Books, YouTube, and videos are a great source, but we highly recommend attending an Aerial Class
  • Always check your equipment before each use to make sure damage has not occurred at any time and that the rigging is secure
  • We recommend that you tape your hoops for both hygiene issues and safety issues.

What is an Aerial Hoop, or Lyra?

The Aerial Hoop, also known as “Lyra”, is a metal apparatus (made of hollow steel) that looks like a suspended hula-hoop. Aerial hoops are usually available in a single point and double point configuration.

Which is better, a single point or double point hoop?

Whether you select a single or double point hoop depends on how you are going to use your lyra. Keep in mind:

  • Single point hoops tend to rotate a lot more, but they can be rigged in smaller spaces.
  • The rotation of single point hoops allow for additional moves
  • Double point hoops allow you to perform moves that tip forward and back with a smaller amount of lateral movement.
  • Double point hoops allow less overall movement. They also allow for an extra range of poses to be performed on the top bar. However, due to the method of rigging, they do take up more vertical space.

What are my rigging options?

For a double point hoop, there are many rigging configurations. A double point hoop can provide more stability than a single point hoop, allowing for more tricks on the top of the hoop.

There are many ways to rig a double point hoop, depending on how you plan to use it; if you want to spin, how high you want the hoop to be, etc. Hoops are generally hung with round slings, which are most often wrapped/choked around the tabs of the hoop. You can purchase extra carabiners.

A basic set-up for no spin is to use:

The round slings would be choked over your hoop tabs, and the carabiners would attach your hoop to two overhead mounting points.
If you'd like to spin, you can get the Swivel Kit to the top of your round slings to attach to a single overhead rigging point.
A double point hoop can also be rigged as a single point hoop by using just one of the tabs.


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