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Pose Tutorial: DEEP Swing Spinal Twist and Bridge

Hello Aerial Yogis! ~ This beginner LOW SWING Aerial Yoga tutorial covers DEEP spinal twists and a bridge variation. Subscribe to this channel for more aerial yoga tutorials, and visit upliftactive.comfor even more awesome Aerial Yoga content.

These poses are aerial fundamentals that help lengthen the spine and strengthen the abs and lower body.

Spinal Twist

For this pose, you're gonna want to start with your hammock about one foot from the ground, this is what you refer to as a low swing hammock. Face the hammock and lay down so that your feet are inside the fabric. The fabric should be resting along the backs of your ankles. To move into your spinal twist extend your arms into a tee, bend your knees and let them fall over to your right side. You can look over your left shoulder to deepen the stretch across the back of your spine. If you're at all uncomfortable try taking your feet out of the fabric and just have them rest on the ground.

Do the same thing on your other side. Bend your knees and bring them over to your left side and this time you can look over your right shoulder to deepen the stretch.

Bridge Variation

This pose will really help challenge your balance, strengthen your quads and your glutes. When you're ready you can extend your legs, bring your body back to the center. Bend your knees and place the palms of your feet onto the fabric and lift up with your hips and glutes. Your thighs and upper torso should be forming a straight line, engage your quads and your glutes to hold yourself steady. Hold this for as long as you can to really strengthen the glutes. If you want to do a sequence of bringing your body up and down you'll really be able to gather some strength in those areas.


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