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When the Sky's the Limit

Imagine an aerialist, high up in the air. What type of person comes to mind? Is she full of youth or does she sport her silvery hair with pride? 

Aerialists come in all ages. From toddlers to the timeless, it's always the perfect stage to discover a new passion and have fun. Aerial arts offer exciting, very vertical pathways to a deeper understanding of yourself. When you defy gravity, you can't help but defy your age.

If you're currently an aerialist and are looking ahead to the future, let it be a bright one. Students and performers alike will be inspired to hear that there's no age limit to being an aerial artist. Age should never stand in the way of a dream. 

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A lot of misconceptions exist about age and athletics. Let's set the record straight. Athletics are an all-ages pursuit.

Throw away everything you've been fed about acting your age or getting older gracefully. Acquiring candles on the birthday cake is nothing less than a miraculous privilege that some might never get to experience. 

Age and Creative Movement 

Many company ballerinas retire by 40, while there's public scrutiny about age and performance at the Olympics. CyclistKristin Armstrong won a Gold Medal only a day shy of turning 43, and this fact was featured prominently in the news. It's no wonder that some circus artists grow ever weary each year about their future in the spotlight. 

Others may want to get in the air but feel grounded by society's ideas about when it's appropriate to become an aerialist.

But there are many who forge ahead to live their dream without paying attention to accumulated years. They are in class, onstage, on TV, and everywhere else, making a difference through their example.

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Photo of Sonya from Ageless Practice

Dancing Keeps You Young: Some Selected Sheroes

Check out the athletic artistry of these performance artists:

  • Greta Pontarelli is a world champion pole artist who is proudly well into her 60s. Her strength and grace show us all how it's done.
  • Madame Suzelle Poole has been performing and teaching ballet for an astounding seven decades. She makes regular appearances en pointe at Dallas ballet companies and beyond.
  • Betty Goedhart is an 85-year old trapeze artist who holds the 2019 Guinness World Record for "oldest performing flying trapeze artist". Inspired by the daring circus artists she watched as a child, Betty finally got a chance to learn the ropes when she was 78 years old.

As these ladies demonstrate, to gather the richness of your experience around you and embark into your advancing years in style is inherently awesome. Embrace your inner sage in a culture that glorifies youth over experience.

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Photo from Dana Chan @danaylchan

The Gifts of Exploring Aerial Arts 

Aerial arts will keep you coming back for more. Being in the air gives you a high like no other. 

Whether you are drawn to create the elegant shapes of aerial silks or if you yearn to practice your yoga poses from aloft in an aerial yoga hammock, you are sure to experience an unforgettable thrill.

Aerial arts have so much to offer. Aside from being the best workout around, your practice will sharpen your confidence and hone your bravery. When you embrace all of that magic you've cultivated over the decades in your life, you can approach the art with a presence and grace that a young person hasn't earned quite yet. 

At any stage of your life, when you become an aerialist you automatically become an inspiration to others. You may never know exactly how you'll be a source of good vibes for your fellow classmates, the public, your friends and family, or your audience, but you can be sure that your actions will help someone else along their journey.

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When You Start Classes

Research your new school online and scope out their instructors. You can often drop in and observe, talk to the teachers, and sometimes even try a teaser class for free. You will likely find a warm and welcoming atmosphere; if you don't, go somewhere else! 

The class itself should include introductions, a thorough warm-up, demonstrations, and skill-building. You might have a little free time at the end of the session during which students can review what they're working on.

Practice Your Aerial Self-Care

There are some great ways you can extend your self-care routine into your aerial practice and maximize your success.

It's wise for everyone to perform a thorough warm-up prior to climbing and thus changing the way you are relating to gravity in space. If you are new to the form, take guidance from your instructor/s.

Conditioning may not always be the most exciting part of being an aerialist, but its faithful practice will help you out in the long run. Be sure to always employ a proper technique to avoid developing unfavorable habits.

As an apprentice aerialist, expect that you will be frequently stepping out of your comfort zone in order to accomplish amazing feats that delight and inspire. As a seasoned pro, be aware that although new challenges may arise as they tend to do, you can set your sights on a prosperous future by putting that discipline you've always had to work.

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Photo from @lanithecarni

Staying Safe

Aerial arts can be accessible to everyone who has the desire. But first, it's always a great idea to consult your health care professional prior to embarking on any new exercise program. This is true for everybody. Aerial arts are demanding and could cause injury if you're not quite ready to take off. But don't worry. If you have the drive, you're halfway there. You can also do a little pre-training to prepare for your classes.

A good instructor will suggest modifications to accommodate everyone, and also create an atmosphere of inclusiveness and success for her students.

At Uplift Active, our goal is to help make aerial arts more accessible. As the leading purveyor of aerial fitness equipment, our team is here to help with their skill and expertise. Don't let an arbitrary number get in between you and how you want to live your life!

Are you ready to get in the air? Shop Aerial Yoga Equipment today!

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