by Quynbi Ada October 06, 2020 2 min read

Happy Autumn! It’s that colorful time in the Northern Hemisphere when our eyes seem to shift to tolerate a little more darkness and a lot less daylight. 

Speaking of shadows, Halloween is right around the corner! It’s a time to bust out with our finest costumery and most alluring maquillage. But whether you love this holiday or despise it, you might be able to relate to the topic of fear.

Fear is part of the human condition. Even if you are not an aerialist, you probably have a list of fears. Or, you may be an aerialist and still have fears and anxieties unrelated to being an aerialist. It’s just part of us. But there are ways to mitigate that state of mind and transform it into something that works foryou

We all suffer from fear to some degree and at some point in our careers. But nerves can be turned into something positive that can even become a beneficial tool by using a few mind hacks. 

Stage Fright 

One of the spookiest aspects of teaching or performing is dealing with stage fright. The mind tries to bully you into believing you will fail. A meditation and affirmation practice can be very helpful to keep you “grounded” for this purpose. As my mentor once instructed, don’t try to fight it, just go with the flow and let the energy diffuse itself into your performance.

Girl Hanging upside down on an aerial hammock in a cat costume

Photo from @ewwteay in an Aerial Hammock

It’s very helpful to be as prepared as you possibly can by rehearsing efficiently so that you know your act down to the movements of your little fingers and toes. That way, you know you’re ready to give a good show. When you commit your movement to muscle memory, you can let your body take over a little on stage.

Fear of Heights

Human beings have come a long way over time, and we might have hit a few snags along the way if nobody was ever afraid of heights. In other words, it’s completely natural.

One of the best ways to work with this fear as an aerialist is to keep your body in its best condition with… you guessed it: meditation, conditioning, and cross-training. This way, you will be fit to stay focused while you work, not letting your emotions take over. 

Girl doing an aerial yoga pose while cocooned on her aerial hammock under the full moon

Photo from @leahcrubelphoto11 in our Blue Tie Dye Aerial Hammock
You could also work in increments with your altitude. It’s common practice to start low when learning new material, and there is no shame in doing that even with more experience.

The best part? When you can identify your fear and work through it, you become your own superhero! Which could be a great Halloween costume idea. Just sayin’.


Cover photo from @kaman_yeung521 in our Height Adjustable Aerial Rig

Quynbi Ada
Quynbi Ada

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