by Quynbi Ada May 10, 2020 2 min read

aerial yoga moms

For so many of us, it would be impossible to fit all of our love and adoration for Mom into just one day of the year. Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to remind us to celebrate the women who give the greatest gift of all: life. Whether you are a proud mama yourself or paying homage to another mother, this is a day to celebrate the single most important role in the world.

There are so many aerial moms out there who are balancing life with beauty, grace, and style. Between kids, career, and your craft, your contribution is a hard act to follow. And even when things seem off-center, moms always rise to the occasion and make the magic happen for their children and for the world.

I had been studying aerial dance for about five years when I had the joy of introducing my own dear mother to the world of aerial arts at an aerial dance festival. The two of us took a class together and it gave me a thrill to see her spin, soar, and play on the apparatus with the childlike wonder I knew so well. Here was my mom experiencing the joy and challenge of aerial arts, and we were doing it together!

Aerial arts should be shared with everyone, and this is what Uplift Active is all about. This year, Uplift Active has designed a very special giveaway in honor of all the amazing aerial mothers out there. We are offering up a Pink Champagne Yoga Hammock Set to the lucky winner. The giveaway is open to all aerial moms and those who want to treat a special aerial mom in their life. But hurry, the chance to enter ends tonight at 8 pm EST. 

Enter here!

Photos above by @miscellaineous_ and @joyousm and

Quynbi Ada
Quynbi Ada

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