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This Bungee Fitness Set is great for HIIT training, low impact cardio, and plyometric exercises. Improve your agility, increase your speed, strengthen your balance, and have a blast while performing tricks that defy gravity!

This set-up comes with a padded harness, bungee cord, daisy chain to adjust the height, swivel so that you can hop and spin, and slings to rig to an overhead beam or hook.

Find Your Bungee Size

We have three sizes available depending on user weight (always go with the larger size if you're not sure which is best!):

  • Small: suitable for user weights 80-120 pounds or 36-54 kg
  • Medium: suitable for user weights 115-140 pounds or 52-64 kg
  • Large: suitable for user weights 135-200 pounds or 61-91 kg

If you are above 200 pounds, purchase a second Large Bungee Cord in addition to the Large Bungee Set. This can support users up to 300lbs and are available under the Product Type dropdown. Two Bungee Cords can be used side by side in parallel to provide extra resistance. If over 200lbs, check the maximum harness dimensions at the bottom of this page to ensure the harness will fit as we all have different body types.

Each Bungee Fitness Set Contains:

  • 1 Bungee Cord: 110cm/3.6 feet long
  • 1 Daisy Chain: 105cm/3.5 feet long
  • 2 Slings (1pc 57cm/22in diameter, 1 pc 37cm/14.5in diameter)
  • 3 Steel and Aluminum Carabiners EN/CE Certified (2 come pre-installed on the bungee cord)
  • 1 Padded Safety Belt Harness (Wide leg for comfort and safety)
  • 1 Swivel Rotational Device (Rotates 360° so you can spin!)
  • Instruction Manual for set-up

+ BONUS Free Getting Started with Bungee Online Tutorials

Required Ceiling Height for Bungee Fitness

The minimum ceiling height recommended for bungee fitness is 9-feet. The ideal ceiling height is 10-12 feet tall, or 3-3.7 meters. When hanging, the bungee should hang at about belly-button height. Very short users may be able to enjoy bungee in shorter ceiling heights, but average-sized adults and taller require 9-foot+ ceilings.

If you have ceilings over 4 meters, we have longer daisy chains available separately to extend the length. Please note that the equipment included works in ceiling heights up to 12 feet tall. Taller ceilings may need an additional extra-long daisy chain available here or other rigging options to make up for the height.  

The included Extension Straps (daisy chains and slings) can be used to mount to an exposed structural beam or weight-bearing piping; professional installation is recommended. 

Additional Bungee Cords available on their own in the Product Type dropdown as "Extra Bungee Cord" if you would like extra bounce! 

Harness Sizing

Please note that we have two Harness Sizes. Orders for the Small and Medium Complete Bungee Sets will receive the S/M Harness by default. Orders for Large Complete Bungee Sets will receive the Large Harness by default. The Large harness has less padding on the back to allow for larger sizes.

Small/Medium Harness Max Size:  Waist: 110cm, Thigh: 75cm.   
Large Harness Max Size: Waist 130cm, Thigh: 90cm. 


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