by Lindsay Nova March 06, 2021 3 min read

Aerial yoga is naturally playful and often brings out the inner child when adults start practicing. But what about aerial yoga for kids? Is it a thing, just like yoga can be?

The answer is yes! Aerial yoga is a fun and effective exercise for kids. Make sure you as a parent are either there to spot or the teacher can spot kids effectively, as kids require more close supervision than adults. Because the hammock is lower to the ground, this makes it easier for kids to get into (not to mention, the aerial hammocks can be adjusted).

Just be sure to put safety at the forefront of all aerial involving kids; the hammock can pose as a choking hazard for young ones and they need to be supervised at all times (and hammocks should be stored out of reach of kids when not in supervised use). 

It is a great way to introduce kids to the art of mindfulness and also acrobatic activity. It can serve as a bridge to yoga, sports, or even circus arts for youth.

Some other benefits of Aerial Yoga for kids include:

  • Connection and play time with other children
  • Increased coordination and motor skills
  • Developing trust and determination
  • Improved mood
  • Strength and flexibility for a growing body- starting healthy habits young will last a lifetime!

Keeping kids engaged in anything is a big issue when it comes to any type of activity children do. Their shorter attention spans require shorter bursts of activity, learning, and rest. This is perfect for aerial yoga where you often need to show the move before the child tries it.

One game you can play is to assign particular moves to particular hammocks once the kids know the basics. When you ring the bell, they change hammocks and perform the move. This is a way of creating stations and keeping the kids active and engaged without becoming bored just watching the teacher show them what to do.

Fun Moves Kids Love

Wiggle Worm

Little girl laying on a yellow hammock

Little Girl on Our Yellow Medium Stretch Nylon Tricot Aerial Fabric

Let’s face it, kids love to wiggle and squirm around. All they simply need to do is lay in the hammock on their bellies or sides. They can inchworm forward and back when on the belly and they always love to poke their heads out of the hammock for a photo!

Inverted Butterfly

This move is very popular with kids and you can’t go wrong with going upside-down! Yes, some kids may be afraid while others are fearless. This is a great chance for youth to face their fears from a young age.

Little Girl Doing an Inverted Butterfly Pose on a Red Aerial Hammock

Little Girl on Our Red Aerial Hammock 

To perform this pose, sit in the hammock like a swing seat. Clasp the hammock with the hands as the legs straddle open wide around the outside of the poles of the hammock. Bend the knees into a butterfly shape and release the hands. Here, the child is locked in and perfectly safe to swing or spin, too.

Any way you spin it, aerial yoga is a popular activity kids can try and enjoy, too. It's just imporant to remember that Yoga Hammocks are not toys and need to be used only under careful supervision.

Kids have so much energy that they can get out in an aerial yoga class while becoming stronger and more flexible in a fun way that is unique and different! Even if kids pay other sports, it will also make a great cross-training for them. It’s never too early to start the fitness journey and aerial yoga can be a part of kids fitness, too.

Lindsay Nova
Lindsay Nova

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