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Uplift Active Height Adjustable Aerial Rig Assembly Tutorial

In this video, we cover simple and easy steps to assemble your Height Adjustable Rig. This tutorial goes over commonly asked questions and answers during install and take-down. 

In this video we will walk you through how to set up your height adjustable aerial rig from anywhere from 5 to 11 feet tall.

Before you begin, please review the manual in detail to know what to expect. In the manual,  you'll find the footprint guide that will tell you how much space you need on your floor at different heights.

Make sure you have nothing in the way that could cause a trip hazard or possibly get damaged during setup.

When you're ready, unpack all the parts from the packaging to make sure you

have everything you need by reviewing the list of parts in the manual. It helps if you also something to put down on the floor to store your parts to avoid scratching the floors, like a blanket, towel, or old yoga mat.

To assemble, start with your top bar. The top bar is the pole that doesn't have the foot at either end.

This is the bar that you will use to connect your top bar connectors. Depending on how your rig is packaged it may include the top bar connectors pre-installed, or you might need to slide them on. If you need to slide them on, you'll use the push pins at either side to remove the leg connectors first. The smaller end of the top bar connectors fit on the top bar. Add one or two depending if you're rigging a single point or double point.

Now add your leg connectors. The longer end fits onto the bar. Turn until the pushpin locks in place to be secure. Next, assemble the legs. It’s easiest to do this step with a friend. Insert the legs into the leg connectors starting with the ones on the bottom. Ensure that the feet of the rig are placed padded-side down on the ground. Pin the legs in place.  You may need to rotate or wiggle the legs in order to get the holes to line up.

You'll repeat this process with all four legs. When arriving from the manufacturer, the legs will have pins on the bottom. Keep those pins in place until the next step.

Next, lift the rig upright. Bend from the knees and lift with a friend if possible.  From there you can readjust and center the rig into the area you want to set it up.

Next, adjust and tighten your top bar connectors, and attach your apparatus if you want to at this stage.

Use the hex key to tighten in a clockwise direction.

Next, extend the legs, starting with the top layer. There are options here – if the ceiling is under eight feet, extend the middle layer and the top layer together (completely overlapping). You can use a pin to align these two as a placeholder as you extend. Pin through all three layers at your desired height.

If you are extending 8 feet or above, then you need to extend just the top Layer first. Pull down the middle layer, so that you can isolate just the top and middle layers. Pull slowly with control. You will need the middle layer slightly raised in order to align the middle and top layers together.

The top layer has three holes closer together for more fine tuned height adjustments. Once you’ve lifted one layer, repeat for all four legs.

Next, lift the middle layer and connect the middle and bottom layers together at your desired height.

Repeat for all four legs. Do one side and then the other for the best stability. It is possible to do alone, but you may need to lift the rig one leg at a time in smaller increments.

As you extend the legs, be mindful of the white caps. These are visual indicators that you’ve reached the end of a given layer. If you pull the leg layer beyond the white cap, the leg may become lodged or stuck in place, or can even come apart. The legs are not designed to come apart. 

Once all the legs are pinned in position, you will want to stabilize the rig by pulling the feet out to the sides. Increasing the footprint improves stability. Add the stabilizing straps to further improve stability.   

The straps come in two pieces and can be connected by pressing down on the clip and inserting the long end of the strap through. The height is up to your preference depending how high you are flying.

Add a crash pad for safety.

To disassemble, remove the pins one layer at a time. Hold onto the rig to guide it as the poles shift downwards.

The pieces disassemble and fit into two carrying bags. There’s a diagram in the manual showing how to insert these pieces into the bags.  The Uplift Active Team is always here to help answer any questions you have about product usage, set-up, or disassembly. Please contact us for assistance.



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