Aerial Yoga Intermediate Tutorial: Wrist Wrap, Wrist Lock, Egg Inversion

This intermediate aerial yoga tutorial covers wrist wrap, wrist lock, and aerial egg inversion poses.These aerial yoga poses have both mental and physical benefits, including mental clarity and strengthening arms, shoulders, and abs!

About Our Aerial Yoga Intermediate Guide

In this video, you'll learn how to do a wrist wrap, wrist block, and egg inversion. Aerial yoga makes yoga much more fun while helping with upper body and core strength, improving blood circulation, and shoulder mobility.

Aerial Yoga Wrist Wrap Guide

To start your wrist wrap pose, stand facing your aerial yoga hammock and reach around your fabric with both hands, like you’re giving it a hug. Reach around again so you have one fabric loop around your wrists. This position is great for your entire body as you can do a lot of conditioning, including pull-ups. Additionally, with regular practice, you can improve your grip strength.

Once you’re in this position, practice pulling yourself up. If you can pull with your upper body strength, do that, and practice holding yourself up in the air. If you’re a beginner, try using your whole body and jumping while using your arm muscles to pull you up so you can get used to the movement. Yoga teachers or advanced aerialists can take this pose up a level by practicing knee ups and ab exercises.

Aerial Yoga Wrist Lock Pose

The wrist lock pose is very similar to the wrist wrap, except you have an extra loop of fabric around your wrists. To do this pose, reach around your fabric the same way as you would in a wrist wrap, but reach around one more time so you have two loops of fabric around your wrists. By having two fabric loops, you should feel more secure and tighter in your hammock.

This position is easier for beginners and students and is a great introduction to many challenging positions. You must be careful that the fabric is not too tight around your wrists. If you feel any pain, try the wrist lock tutorial steps again, but this time ease the tension by making your fabric loops looser. Once you’re in the wrist lock position, practice pulling yourself up.

Aerial Yoga Egg Inversion Pose

You can do the egg inversion pose out of a basic wrist wrap. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with a wrist lock, as it’ll be easier to hold yourself up. Simply use the force of your jump to pull yourself into an inverted position.

If you’re a beginner, start with your dominant leg behind you so you can kick off and use that force to pull yourself upside down. Next, bring your legs up to your chest so you’re in an egg position. If you feel like you’re sliding, use a wrist lock instead of a wrist strap.

Keep practicing to stretch body muscles, improve balance, and get stronger! If you want more yoga practice, check out our other aerial yoga classes and tutorials.

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The aerial egg inversion can be more difficult than traditional yoga if you have never taken aerial yoga classes or done your own practice before. However, this pose will become easier for you with time and practice.

Once you feel comfortable with beginner aerial yoga poses, you can start practicing more intermediate poses like the wrist wrap, wrist lock, and aerial egg inversion poses. The wrist lock pose is a bit easier, so before jumping straight into the wrist wrap or egg inversion, try that pose first. We highly recommend following our tutorial videos to learn how to perform these more challenging poses safely and correctly.

There are many benefits of the intermediate egg inversion, including:

  • Provides mental clarity
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens the upper body
  • Enhances shoulder mobility

You should avoid the egg inversion if you relate to one of the following health conditions:

  • Pregnant
  • Recent surgery
  • Heart disease
  • Low/high blood pressure

Before attempting intermediate yoga poses like egg inversion, we recommend you seek advice from a medical professional.


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