Aerial Yoga Chair Pose Tutorial

Hello aerial yogis! This beginner high-swing aerial yoga tutorial covers a basic flow from the chair pose to inversion. These poses have many health benefits and will give you a good stretch while increasing your lower body, upper body, and core strength.

About Our Aerial Yoga Chair Pose Tutorial

If you’re looking for new aerial yoga poses to use in your aerial yoga classes or at home, follow this chair pose tutorial and add it to your yoga sequence.

For these poses, start with your aerial yoga hammock at hip height and position the fabric at your upper back touch point, just below your shoulders, across the center of your upper back, or about your bra line for women. You're going to go ahead and position the hammock there and come down into your chair pose by bending your knees at a 90-degree angle with your feet shoulder-width apart.

You can spread the fabric out a little if it feels really tight, but make sure that it does not come up into your armpits. This pose is likely the easiest chair pose you'll do in yoga, but you can do a few other great variations from this pose. For instance, you can extend backward for an easy backbend, support your neck with your hands, or extend your arms overhead for a deeper stretch.

Next, come up, and wake up your legs by swaying them from side to side. This pose is especially nice to do if you spread your legs out a little further as well. If you're doing this from a goddess pose, you can really open up your hips.

Next, go into mid-back inversion and practice lifting from a straddle. Bring your legs outwards into a straddle, and break in your practice by lifting and strengthening those hip flexors and leg muscles.

Holding onto the fabric in front of you, lift your legs and keep them as straight as possible. Do it a few times to get a feel for what the movement would be to pull yourself up and over.

If you can't make it with your legs straight, try coming back into the pose with the fabric firmly in front of you and lean back, engaging your abs to pull yourself up and over and extend your legs.

Once you're upside down, gravity will help you improve your straddle. If you need some help getting over, don't be afraid to really push off with your feet to help give you that momentum to get yourself up and over. It's just a matter of getting comfortable with going backward upside down once.

You can extend your neck just slightly to look down at the ground as it helps maintain balance. But that might not be a great position if you have a sensitive neck. If you're finished, come back into your aerial chair pose, relax, and stand up slowly to get used to being upright.

In this aerial yoga chair pose and mid-back inversion tutorial, we used our aerial hammock. If you’re looking for aerial yoga equipment, like our aerial yoga hammocks or a yoga swing, shop our extensive collection of aerial products.

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There are a variety of benefits to doing the aerial chair yoga pose, including:

  • Increased lower body, upper body, and core strength
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Increased flexibility and mobility

Yes, the chair yoga pose can contribute to toning your body. However, doing this pose alone may not be sufficient for significant muscle toning. To achieve more toned muscles, consider complementing the chair yoga pose with other aerial poses.

To maintain the proper touch point of the aerial hammock, ensure it's positioned just below the shoulders at hip height. Be cautious of fabric interference in the armpits and be aware of its position throughout the practice to optimize the effectiveness and safety of the pose.

If you struggle with balance, focus on a fixed point, engage your core muscles, and spread your legs wider for a more stable base. Additionally, you can try to visualize the movement, focus on your breathing, and practice regularly.


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