How to Tie a Yoga Hammock Knot (pt 2) - Figure 8 Knot

Hello Aerial Yogis and Aerialists! This video breaks down how to tie a Figure-8 Knot in your Yoga Hammock Set This knot is great for situations where you need to use up more fabric, or if you're tying knots using O-Rings or Slings.

The most basic and popular knot has different names. This knot is also called the overhand is a knot. The most common set up right now and is used for every yoga is to have the carabiner linked to your fabric, and this can be fine depending on a few factors. Make sure that your carabiner is large enough for this; as if you have two carabiners that are too small and can overload the carabiner. Your carabiner needs to be big enough. You want to make sure your carabiner is a locking mechanism and whatever or however you are using it in your setting.  All aerial carabiners should be locking for that extra safety measure. 

Always check the ratings of the carabiners. These are 25 kilonewtons stainless steel carabiner which is quite strong and the way I have it rigged the fabric is sitting right at the bottom of the carabiner so that force is going downward. However, if you're doing more aerial acrobatics or circus arts you may want to consider alternate ring options like using an o-ring or using a nylon runner sling. It's also called a webbing sling; they're basically fabric loops that are rated for aerial and climbing use. You want to check that rating with your rigor that you can use to tire knots around as well.

Today I'm going to be talking about the O rings as these are one of the popular options in our store. Some of the benefits of using an o-ring instead of a carabiner for your hammock is that it doesn't have and have rough edges; when you're rubbing against the fabric so it's less likely to snag your fabric and they're rated really highly and fairly inexpensive. These are 22 kilonewtons aluminum and they make rigging and adjusting your hammock really easy.

Another knot option that I want to share is using the O ring, this helps use up a little bit more of the fabric. This knot is a great option if you have fabric that is a little bit too long for your space or trying to tie the shorter knot. You can do this with your o-ring you can do it with your carabiner or you can do it with like a webbing sling if you have that. 

To start, you want to have about a meter of fabric or about three feet of fabric. The fabric should be bunched, walk your fingers along the fabric to make sure there's no twists or turns throughout the length of the hammock. Take your carabiner, in this case, your o ring and thread it through the bottom of your fabric. Bring it into that one meter or three feet spot, then you have your long-tail and the rest of your hammock on one side and the short tail on the other. Take one end and wrap it over your arm so you have four tails hanging down. On my end, I've got the two bits tied to the o-ring and then I have the long tail behind us. Take the o-ring wrap it all the way around the side. This is important it's very easy to make a mistake here and wrap it through the back, you don't want to do that.  Wrap it all the way around, so that you are holding everything in one hand. It should look the same with the video. Take the fabric over the wrist and slide it over so that O-ring is coming through the back. You're making a knot with three pieces, it looks almost like a braid. To tighten, simply pull on the back, pull on the front and wiggle the knot around to get out any lumps and bumps. Then you have it, a big beautiful knot that uses up a lot more fabric so your end is a lot shorter than you might have expected ff you look at that from the beginning.

This is a great knot for using up space and also for a single point hammock; a good hammock for spinning and air dancing. Single-point hammock has a little bit more movement than a double point hammock. Always check with your rigger if you're not sure about what is needed for your space. Always check with the professional to ensure that your knot is good. If you're interested in any of this equipment you can shop all the best aerial yoga equipment here at

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