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How to Assemble a Yoga Hammock

Hi friends! Today we are going to teach you simple and easy steps to assemble your Aerial Yoga Hammock.

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To start, you're going to want to make sure that you have all the ends of your fabric lined up. Our hammocks usually come with a little plastic tie that keeps still aligned. But if none, just lay your hammock out. Walk your fingers along with the fabric until you have it all lined up.

From here, take the end and wrap it around your arm so you have kind of a tail hanging out the front like this. You should pick out a couple of feet of fabric and take out a little bit more if you want it to be shorter. 

Then, take your hand where the fabric is wrapped over, wrap this around the short end of your fabric. Then you're going to grab the long tail end of the fabric, from here you're going to pull it through the loop of fabric that's currently over your wrist. Pull it through and now you have a loop where you can put the carabiners. Clip it right through and that is the nest loose knot. 

Then, take the tail end that's hanging down, tuck it through the knot, in that same loop that you stuck the carabiner through. So it's directly underneath the carabiner. You’re going to take this little end and stick it through.

Now, you just need to tighten it up. To get this, you're just going to grab the fabric below the knot on the long end. Just pull it really tight, push up that knot, push the knot towards the carabiner, really tight. Do the same thing on the little tail, push it so it's nice and tight. Nice and secure!

Now you have the little tail end hanging down. You can even leave it hanging down. Or you can take it, wrap it around the knot, tuck it in. Really just whatever you prefer and the knot is done!

Do the same thing on the other side, you just want to make sure you have no tangles or twists in your fabric. Take your hand in the loop underneath the fabric and pull it through. Get to the other side and you're ready to start your next knot.

Thank you guys! Enjoy!


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