Yoga Hammock Instructions

If you’re wondering how to assemble a yoga hammock, follow this tutorial! In this video, Elaine from Uplift Active will teach you how to tie aerial yoga knots and assemble aerial yoga hammocks.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Assembly Instructions

First, ensure you have all the ends of your aerial yoga hammock fabric lined up. Our hammocks usually have a little plastic tie that keeps the fabric aligned. But if you don’t have any, just lay your hammock out and walk your fingers along the fabric until it’s aligned.

From here, wrap the end of the fabric around your arm so you have a tail hanging out the front. If you want it to be shorter, take out a couple more feet of fabric. Then, wrap the fabric on your arm around the short end of your fabric.

Next, grab the long tail end of the fabric and pull it through the loop of fabric that’s currently over your wrist. Then, pull it through. Now you should have a loop where you can put your carabiners. Next, clip your carabiners through the loop.

Then, take the tail end that’s hanging down and tuck it through the knot (in the same loop you stuck the carabiner through). Now, you just need to tighten your fabric. To tighten the fabric, grab the fabric below the knot on the long end. You want to pull it really tight, so push up the knot as far as possible. Do the same thing on the little tail and push the fabric so it’s nice and secure.

Now you have the little tail end hanging down. You can either leave it hanging or wrap it around the knot and tuck it in. Your knot is now complete!

Next, you’ll do the exact same thing on the other side. Just make sure you have no tangles or twists in your fabric.

When installing your hammock to your ceiling hooks, ensure you use a strong rigging point. Our hammocks are tested to safely hang and hold up to 400-600 pounds of body weight.

Thank you for watching our aerial yoga knot and hanging instruction video! If you want to learn more about your aerial hammock set or how to do yoga poses, watch our other tutorial videos!

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The height depends on your preference, but we recommend that the hammock fall around hip height. That way, it's low enough to bend forward but high enough that your head won't hit the ground if you do an inverted pose.

You can easily adjust the loops using the daisy chains on the hammocks. If you’re using silk fabric, you can adjust the height by increasing the amount of fabric in your knot.

Yes, you can rig an aerial hammock with a daisy chain, but safety is crucial. Ensure the hammock and daisy chain are in good condition, find a secure anchor point, and follow proper rigging procedures. If you're unfamiliar with rigging, seek guidance from a certified professional to ensure safety.

If you need help setting up your aerial rig, please refer to this aerial yoga rig assembly tutorial. In that video, we break down the rigging process step-by-step.


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