15 Minute Gentle Aerial Yoga Flow

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 Start at the upper back touch point. Place your fabric on, like a backpack and position the hammock in the middle of your back. Bend your knees and sink into it so that the hammock is supporting you.

Take a deep inhale and bring your hands to the base of your neck supporting your head. Exhale, lean to the left opening up the side body. Inhale to the right and sway back and forth here and pace with your breath.

When you reach your center release your hands from your neck. Grab ahold of the fabric in front of you and widen your stance into a straddle. Wake up the legs by shifting your weight from side to side, bending your leg and then the other. Don't exhale, sink into your left side. Inhale, come back to the center. Exhale sink to the right and continue to move at your own pace.

Move to a chair position, walk your feet together so they're about hips distance apart. Knees bent at about a ninety-degree angle and move through some gentle pelvic tilts. Exhale, curve the spine outwards. Inhale, tuck the pelvis under. Exhale tilt outwards inhale tuck under. You can move at your own breath. Allow the hammock to support your upper body weight which allows your lower back to release.

Wake up the toes and ankle. On your next inhale, lift your right leg and point and flex those toes. Roll your ankle to the right and to the left. Practice some lateral lifts, continue to breathe as you lift your right leg out towards your right side keeping it as straight as possible. It's a huge strength builder for the IT bands and the outside of the leg.

Exhale, bring that leg down to the mat to meet your left foot. Do the same thing on the other side. Lift your left leg, point, flex. Wake up all the muscles in your toes and your feet. Roll your ankle to the right and to the left. Lift that left leg out towards your left side, just strengthen the left side of your legs.

This time, setup bringing that foot down to your mat. Bring it across the top of your right thigh, this should release your left head. From this position, you can sway gently if that feels good for your left hip. Make sure that that left foot is flexed to protect the left knee. Continue to breathe and each exhale see if you can get that left knee just sink a little closer to the ground.

Do the same thing on the opposite side. Lift that right leg up over the top of your left thigh, keeping that right foot flexed. When you’re ready, release that and come back into your straddle by widening their stance. Practice lifting up, there's a huge strengthener for all the little micro muscles in your legs. That will help you build up to more beautiful inversions down the line. With each exhale you're gonna lift your legs, keeping them as straight as possible. Inhale, bring them down to the mat. Practice holding them up in the air or just simply lifting them.

Next, you're going to lift your legs together and swing to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Go at the back of your mat in a standing position, the fabric behind the upper back touch point. Lift off bringing the backs of your feet towards your glutes, or to further engage the abdominals you can bring those knees towards your chest. Float here, keep the core engaged and keep breathing. Enjoy the gentle wind from the sway.

When you're ready, bring your feet back to the mat. Deep inhale, arms overhead the gentle backbend take a few deep breaths here or recenter yourself. Return to gentle swaying movements to further open up the side body. Exhale to one side and inhale to the center and move with the pace of your breath.

Move into a lunge position, return to your chair pose and step back with your right knee. Set the top of your shin on your mat. You might want to use a blanket here or a second rolled- up mat. You have this is uncomfortable for your right knee, your left leg will be in front of you at a 90-degree angle. That left knee should be right over the top of the foot, overextend past your toes. Hinge forward over that left leg with your hands holding onto the fabric to further stretch out the tops of your shoulder blades. You should feel this stretch across the top of your right thigh.

Now, move into a hamstring stretch for the left side. Be back slightly to strengthen the left leg, engaging your core to here to stabilize yourself well. Switch to the other side this time, bring your right foot forward left leg back and arms extended overhead. Breathe deeply and then straighten that right leg, just stretch out the right hamstring at the back of that right leg. Engage your core here to stabilize yourself and you can lean into that hammock as well for a little bit more support.

Bet that right leg is bent and the biggest goal here is to achieve the stretch in the back with that right leg. If you are ready, bring that right leg back to meet the left. Stay in a kneeling position, move through with some cat-cow sequences. Inhale, sink the belly down chest lifted slightly and exhale push your weight into the hammock around the spine upwards to the sky. Inhale sink the belly down into cow and exhale roll from the base of your spine into a cat. Continue to move with your own breath. You can use that hammock to help you balance and to help further open the shoulder blades.

Next, inhale bring your hands to chest and move into the camel pose. Exhale bring your hands in front of you as you bend backward, extending the arms overhead so you're in a backbend over your legs. Inhale and come back to the center. Repress now in the child’s pose, bring your glutes to the back of your feet, arms still extended in the hammock and just rest at the moment. It might feel good to sway from side to side, moving with the breath.

You can stop wherever you feel you might have some tension or anything that needs a little bit of extra stretch. Roll yourself up from the base your spine very slowly and release the hands. Go ahead and roll out your hands your wrists to the right and to the left make fists extend your fingers, just allow the blood flow to go back to normal in your hands. Stay in a seated position on your mat go ahead and come down onto your back. You're gonna place your feet inside the hammock in front of you.

You might need to position yourself a little closer to the fabric depending on where you're at with your mat. So your legs are up overhead. If you have a lower hammock it can be a little bit easier. It can be done with many heights as long as you can reach your feet up there. Weigh your feet from side to side to release the glutes, move with your breath.

Now move into the windbreaker pose. Release that right foot from the fabric and bring your knee to chest, hugging it with your arms and trying to keep those shoulder blades on the ground. You can extend this groin stretch by bringing that right leg further into the crook of your right elbow. Take your deep breaths here, now take that right leg and curl it under your body and roll yourself towards the left. You can use that right arm as a pillow and gently sway your left suspended foot forward and back. Seeing what kind of micro stretches you can feel. The different muscles that we've been working out today you move forward and back.

Next, move through the plank sequence. Position your forearm directly under your right shoulder blade so that your shoulder is right over the track of your elbow. Your right leg can be bent underneath you or extended for an additional challenge. That left arm extended overhead, your gaze can be forward or up at those left extended fingertips. Hips lifted and core engaged. Breathe deeply to stabilize yourself.

Exhale, bring those hips to the mat. Keeping that left leg in the fabric you're gonna turn towards the mat so that you're in all threes. That right leg is gonna be curled beneath you so you

want to put that kind of a 45-degree angle towards the back left corner of the room. Sink your weight back into that extended leg.  Your leg can bend here however feels comfortable so you feel it stretch across the top of that suspended leg as well as your right hip on the ground. You can come down to your elbows you can stay lifted.

Then to exit this pose, lean your weight to the right bringing your right hip to the mat and turn yourself back facing the hammock. You can lift that foot out.  Do the same thing on the other side. Release those glutes one more time by bringing both feet up into the hammock and swing with your breath from side to side. See if you can feel any difference between the two legs, you can tell which one is stretched.

This time release that left foot from the fabric. Bring in the knee of your chest. Grab a hole at the top of the loop left shin with your hands. Keep those shoulder blades pressed towards the ground. To stretch the groin bring that left leg closer to your left elbow to your left armpit. Pull that left leg under you and walk turn towards your left. Sway that right like forwards and backward.

Next, move into our plank position. Place the elbow directly underneath your left shoulder.  Your right arm suspended overhead. Try to repeat what you did on the other side to keep things even. If you extended that left leg or the bottom leg on the other side you've been on do it to the other one as well. You can keep that knee on the ground, lifting with the hips keeping the core engaged and focus on your breathing.

Exhale and come to the mat. Turn towards the mat onto all threes. Fold the left leg under you with that right leg overhead and come down to your elbows if that's comfortable for you, you're on your forearms. Lift the left leg, fold it under you at 45 degrees to feel a deep stretch on the top of that right leg. Also your left leg. Bend that extended leg as well. One more breath here and you can turn towards your hammock and release the leg.

End this flow in a seated comfortable cross-legged position! We hope that you have a happy and healthy day!

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