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Aerial Restorative Yin Training Course

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Aerial Yoga Academy is an online Aerial Yoga training school. 

This Aerial Restorative Yin Training course is a fully online, comprehensive guide to teaching Aerial Yin style.

Learn on your own time with this comprehensive online course. Complete your 80 hour certification through video conferencing, and Master Monique is available to answer questions every step of the way.

Access to Aerial Yoga Academy is FOR LIFE! Even after you graduate, your membership never expires, so you can review course content at anytime.

    Uplift Active is an affiliate partner with aerialyogacademy.com. Enroll with us to receive all of the Aerial Yoga Academy course content PLUS our additional resources, discounted equipment, and personalized guidance.

    Course Outline:

    • Meet the A.R.Y Master teacher
    • Responsibilities of a A.R.Y teacher
    • Health check
    • How to hammock rig
    • More rigging information
    • What is Aerial Restorative Yin?
    • Evolution of Yin Yoga
    • Evolution of Restorative Yoga
    • The art of holding space
    • Powerful nervous system healer
    • Releases buried emotions during a class
    • Organ and meta-physical energy healer
    • Effects on brain
    • Powerful brain healer
    • A.R.Y & Chakras
    • Chakras- First & second
    • Chakras- Third & Fourth
    • Chakras- Fith & sixth
    • Chakras- Seventh
    • Breathe technique 1
    • Breathe technique 2
    • Important tips
    • How do you determine correct alignment?
    • The Business of Yoga 1
    • 16 Steps to success. Steps 1 to 2
    • 16 Steps to success. Steps 3 to 6
    • 16 Steps to success. Steps 7 to 9
    • 16 Steps to success. Step 10
    • 16 Steps to success. Steps 11 to 13
    • 16 Steps to success. Steps 14 to 15
    • 16 Steps to success. Step 16

    Aerial Restorative Yin Poses

    • Reclined Saddle pose
    • Bridge Hip Opener Pose
    • Supported Forward Fold pose
    • Twisted Heart pose
    • Supported Bridge pose
    • Ninja Squat pose
    • Open Heart pose
    • Reclined Frog pose
    • Reclined Half Pigeon pose
    • Goddess pose
    • Intense Hip Opener pose
    • Supported Fish pose
    • Supported Cobra pose
    • Supported Snail pose
    • Arrow pose
    • Side Star pose
    • Supported Twist pose
    • Restorative Wheel pose
    • Bow pose
    • Semi Corpse Inversion pose
    • Eagle pose
    • Recovery pose
    • Supported Locust pose
    • Dragon pose
    • Boat pose
    • Hand to Toe pose
    • Inverted Hip Twist psoe
    • Supported Hero pose
    • Royal Pigeon pose
    • Supported Side Plank pose


    No refunds or exchanges are available for Aerial Yoga Academy courses.

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