Uplift Active - Portable Aerial Rig

The Easiest Way to Practice Aerial Arts at Home

Easy setup, sturdy, and portable. Limited quantities available

Take flight with our fully Height Adjustable, Portable Aerial Rig - the perfect solution to practice aerial arts anywhere. This is a multi-use rig suitable for all of your aerial needs - Aerial Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop/Lyras, and Aerial Silks.


Rock Solid Design

Made of stainless steel and magnesium alloy. Strong and designed to last.


Adjusts to heights from 5ft up to 11ft. Fits short ceilings when using indoors, and can be expanded when you're outdoors.


Add new aerial exercises to your workouts. Easily swap between your aerial silks, hammock, hoops, and more.

This has been a game changer and now I get to practice every day. Even when allowed back in studios, I’m always keeping my rig up. I get to work on my conditining, and aerial skills without leaving my home. I highly recommend Uplift Active's rig!

- Mary A.

Verified Buyer

I use my aerial setup almost every single day. It's portable, reliable, and I always feel safe using it. I have already recommended this product to so many of my friends and would say that it is worth the buy!

- Elizabeth G

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Perform aerial exercises that strengthen, lengthen, and realign your body, without having to leave your home.


Tested by professional riggers at an independent engineering firm with a max user weight of 310 lbs.

*Maximum user weight limit of 310lbs. Drops doubles, or swinging like a swing is not recommended*

Product Features


Height adjustable from 5ft to 11ft


Carrying bags make transport easy


10 minutes to set up, take it down in 5 minutes

Quick and Easy Setup

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Open a Doorway to the Air with A Portable Aerial Rig

Order your aerial rig today, and save $50 USD

Height Adjustable Aerial Rig (with Carrying Bags)

Take the next step in your aerial arts journey with the most important piece in a professional aerialist's toolkit: the portable aerial rig. Never worry about expensive permanent rigging costs or falling out of practice again as you experience the freedom to move studio spaces with ease. Your studio - and your training routine - comes with you wherever you go!

Includes carrying bags (2x), stainless steel top bar (1x), telescopic legs (4x), tension steel D-pins (12x), nylon stabilizing belts (2x), top bar connectors (2x), hex key wrench (1x), leg connectors (2x), silicone pads (4x)

$859.99 USD $809.99 USD

Pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments

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Everything you need to set up in 10 minutes flat

Never worry about sacrificing safety for a quick setup again: in minutes, Uplift Active rigs are fully assembled and support user weights up to 310lbs. All of our rigs include the connectors, stabilizing belts, and basic hardware you need to set up in just 10 minutes and break down in 5.

The #1 cost-effective solution for professional aerialists

Many professionals find that the rig pays for itself in just one performance! Plus, your performance space moves with you, so gigs are flexible and more frequent.

Get active both indoors and outdoors

Uplift Active aerial rigs are fully adjustable from 5ft to 11ft, so your studio can be your home, your backyard, or anywhere you need it to be. At its lowest height, the A-frame rig only takes up 4.4 sqm of floor space, but it takes only seconds to expand to its full height for your most dynamic aerial training ever!

The Benefits of our Aerial Rigs


Height Adjustable (5-11 ft, increments of 3")
Rated & Tested By USA Engineering Firms
Ease of Set-up (no tools or screws required)
Video & Step-by-Step Set-up Instructions Provided
Customer Service Response Times -- 1 Business Day
30 Day Return Policy & 365 Days Warranty
Carrying Bags For Easy Storage & Transport

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Love your aerial rig and equipment, or your money back. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and a 365 day warranty.

Change your mind? No sweat! Send them back

With a 365 day warranty, we stand behind everything we sell, so you can shop with confidence that our equipment is built to last.

Our guarantee does not cover ordinary wear and tear, or damage caused by improper use or accidents. You may be responsible for paying your own shipping costs for returning the item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. To return your product, contact us at hello@aerialyogagear.com.

I play on it nearly every single day! I LOVE IT!!! Best choice I have ever made. Also, everyone I interacted with at Uplift Active was SO kind. I really appreciated their service!

- Katie T.

Verified Buyer

I love how easy it is to setup and how reliable it is. It also doesn't take up too much of a large footprint, even at its maximum height. It's simply wonderful.

- Christina A.

Verified Buyer

This is exactly what I imagined with an aerial rig. It is great quality and lightweight for what it is. I'm especially happy about the height adjustable feature!

- Carolyn K.

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Your questions, answered

Package Size: 27.5×28.5×158cm
Package Weight: 30kg/66lbs
Frame Height: 5-11 feet tall (1.5-3.4 meters)
Adjustable in increments every 3-5 inches (7.6-12.7cm)
Material: Stainless Steel and Magnesium Alloy
Minimum Breaking Load: 1550lbs (700KG)
Maximum User Weight Limit (WLL): 310lbs (140KG)
10:1 safety factor for Aerial Use at 155lb (70KG) user weight
5:1 safety factor for Aerial Use at 310lb (140KG) user weight
Drops, doubles or swinging like a swing set are not recommended

Yes! All our products are independently tested and rated for aerial use. Our Height Adjustable Rig is tested by professional riggers at an independent engineering firm. The minimum breaking strength of the rig is 1550lbs, at which point a leg bends irreparably. When you buy a rig from us, you are buying a tried and true, tested design. All ratings are taken from the weakest possible configuration (a single point load from the center of the top bar on the tallest setting). This rig has a 10:1 safety factor for Aerial Use at 155lb user weight and a 5:1 safety factor at a 310lb user weight. We recommend a maximum user weight load of 155lbs for dynamic tricks, and 310lbs for aerial yoga and conditioning (drops and doubles are not recommended). The Portable Aerial Rig is made of stainless steel and aluminum, so it's strong and durable for many years of use. That being said, we do not recommend drops, doubles, or swinging like a swing set on the rig. The rig is meant to absorb shock loads and is a fantastic tool to condition and train when used correctly as advised.

Yes, you can use our Aerial Rigs outside. Aerial Rigs make aerial yoga accessible just about anywhere, and there's nothing like practicing in a beautiful setting outdoors. The best practice is to take them down when not in use. They are not intended to be left outside long term and will weather or rust with repeated exposure to moisture.

If you need to keep it outside longer, there are metal protectant sprays (like Sta-Bil Rust Stopper) that may prevent weathering, and some customers keep a tarp over it when not in use to protect against morning dew. We recommend avoiding rain and moisture to prevent damage. Every climate is different and more humid/wet climates are more prone to weathering. Parts may rust over time, and we sell replacement parts if needed. The warranty does not cover damage from outside use, and regular inspection of the equipment is especially important if you plan to use it outdoors.

Yes, one able-bodied person can set up the Height Adjustable Aerial Rig on their own. It is more challenging to do alone and will take longer. To set it up alone, we would recommend doing it outside or somewhere spacious for the first time. It is easier and quicker with two sets of hands, but we have many people who have purchased it and live solo or only have themselves to get it set up!
With two people, it takes as little as 5 minutes to set up once you're experienced. With one person it may take around 20 minutes once experienced. The first time may take 30 minutes to an hour, even with two people, as you learn how the product fits together. It's faster and easier to break down and takes around 5-10 minutes.

Have more questions? Visit our Uplift Active FAQ.