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My Aerial Yoga Story

I started Uplift Active after I discovered the yoga hammock as an amazing tool for inversion therapy. Approximately 80% of adults experience back pain in their lifetimes, and I found myself part of that statistic. Anyone that has suffered from back pain knows that it affects all aspects of your life; you can barely move without moving your back. My doctor recommended painkillers, but that wasn't a sustainable solution in my mind. Instead, I researched and discovered inversion therapy, and decided to give it a go. 

Aerial yoga inversion

Despite being skinny, I have never been very naturally athletic, and my yoga experience was limited when I first learned about aerial yoga, so frankly, I was skeptical. I looked up Aerial Yoga on YouTube and found some pretty intense-looking videos of intimidating flips. I'd never done any kind of flip in my life, much less attempted one suspended midair!

It took just one Aerial Yoga class and I was converted. It challenged my body and mind in new ways and the back relief I got from hanging upside down was unlike anything I had ever felt before. The act of being suspended increased my awareness of movements reduced my stress and alleviated my back pain. I promptly decided that I needed one of these in my home to practice more regularly. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find an affordable yet safe option. The competitor products on the market had extremely thin material, scratchy parachute material, or dangerous carabiners that didn't lock. Other sets were far out of my budget. So I built my own by searching and finding the highest quality carabiners, daisy chains, and fabric. The rest is history, and over the following years, I expanded my knowledge of aerial and yoga, started teaching, and sharing our premium aerial yoga hammocks and aerial equipment with studios and individuals around the world. 

You, our customers, are the biggest motivation and inspiration to us. Your support, your stories, and your energy is what helps us share this beautiful, meditative art with the world. Let's harness the healing ability of aerial to elevate our communities to become a more mindful, healthy, and kind community. 



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