by Elaine Eason April 22, 2018 2 min read

“I founded Uplift Active encourage others to explore the power of movement, and to be brave and to have fun"

“We're committed to creating high quality, weight tested aerial equipment, to using education and inspiration to promote aerial arts, and to providing a fantastic value and customer experience.”

Aerial Yoga has become my passion and therapy, but I wasn't always a yogi! 

I was a workout junkie as a young adult, but yoga wasn't my favorite. I saw it as being easy, but I hadn't truly given it a fair shot.

As I entered my first career, my life became very stressful. I was overworked, sleep-deprived and depressed. I suffered from sporadic back pain and stiffness. Anyone that has suffered from back pain knows that it affects all aspects of your life. My doctor recommended painkillers, but that wasn't a sustainable solution in my mind. I found research on inversion therapy and aerial yoga as a method to relieve back pain and decided to give it a try. But how? 

I purchased my first hammock online and it came with zero instructions. I didn't know how to set it up, where to hang it, or what to do. The fabric was thin and scratchy.  I looked up Aerial Yoga on YouTube and found some pretty intense-looking videos of intimidating flips. I'd never done any kind of flip in my life, much less attempted one suspended midair!

I decided to take a class first, and from that moment on, I was hooked. 

Elaine on Blue Yoga Hammock Aerial Yoga Inversion

The class challenged me in a whole new way. I discovered that Aerial yoga is truly both a mental challenge and a physical challenge. The mental aspect pushed me to trust myself, focus on the pose, and breathe. It was one thing that took my mind off my stress and became my form of moving meditation. The physical aspect challenged muscles I didn't even know I had!

I continued attending classes and learned so many amazing ways you can move and stretch with using just one piece of fabric.I knew that I needed a better set-up at home, but I couldn't find an affordable yet safe option like they had at the studio.

I researched online, but the other products available online at the time had extremely thin material, scratchy parachute material, or dangerous carabiners that didn't lock. Other sets were far out of my budget. So I built my own by searching and finding the highest quality carabiners, daisy chains, and fabric.  In spring 2016, I launched Uplift Active (then called Aerial Yoga Gear). 

The rest is history, and over the following years, I expanded my knowledge of aerial and yoga, became certified, started teaching, and sharing our premium aerial yoga hammocks and aerial equipment with studios and individuals around the world.

purple yoga hammock set with aerial rig

We've since expanded to aerial silks, aerial hoops, bungee fitness, apparel and more.

You, our customers, are the biggest motivation and inspiration to us. Your support, your stories, and your energy is what helps us share this beautiful art with the world. Let's harness the healing ability of aerial to uplift our communities to become a more mindful, healthy, and kind.




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Elaine Eason
Elaine Eason

Elaine is the owner and founder of Uplift Active. She is a passionate aerial yoga instructor with training and certifications in Aerial Yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga, and Aerial Rigging. She enjoys practicing aerial silks and hoops in addition to aerial yoga and has over 4 years of experience helping gyms and studios find their aerial equipment needs.

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