by Elaine Eason March 13, 2020 3 min read

This month, Uplift Active is 4 Years Old!

Four years ago, I started Uplift Active in my tiny Missouri apartment. If you had asked me back then, I would never have imagined where this journey would take us.

In the past 4 years, aerial arts have completely changed. In fact, they've exploded. The aerial yoga industry has blossomed from a fringe with classes found only in NY and LA, to luxury studios and gyms all around the world, to now even reaching boutique studios in small towns. People everywhere are embracing flight and coming together to explore new modalities of movement.

In the past 4 years, Uplift Active has grown along with it, slowly and organically. In the very beginning, I just wanted to make a product that would make aerial yoga more accessible. Hammocks used to be SO expensive and we were one of the first companies to lead that change! As aerial yoga equipment is now more affordable, it's now more accessible, and Uplift Active has become a trusted brand of aerial equipment found in studios all over the world.

Elaine in Red Yoga Hammock x Uplift Active

It hasn't been an easy journey; it's been four years of ups and downs, ebbs and flows. Most significantly, we rebranded last year from Aerial Yoga Gear to Uplift Active. What we didn't anticipate at the time was the effect this would have on our website traffic. It absolutely tanked and we struggled for months to make sales because new customers weren't finding us.  I doubted for a long time if I had made the right choice in changing our name. We're slowly gathering back traffic and exploring new ways to spread the word about our brand.

There's SO much that goes on behind the scenes and we're constantly improving and updating our best practices. From completing rigging training, teacher training, visiting our factories, designing better products, getting product certifications, testing all the things from chemical composition, breaking strength, flammability, etc. Running an aerial equipment business means safety has to be the top priority. We're continuing our focus on safety and improving our products and information provided. But we can't do it alone!

Uplift Active is a female-owned business, and we have a small awesome team here that makes all the magic happen. Ginny is our shipping assistant in Florida handing organization behind the scenes, and we work with warehouse teams in Los Angeles and Shanghai to ship all over the world. We work with engineering firms to verify our equipment meets top safety standards.

Elaine & Jeranie Aerial Yoga x Uplift Active

We have our research and social media guru, Jeranie, who may have sent you some love over on Instagram, and an amazing writer and talented aerialist herself, Quynbi bringing you weekly blogs full of aerial tips tricks and news. We're still very much a small business, but we've been able to connect with and help more people than I ever dreamed.

Although I do not get the chance to meet many of you in person, you all, our customers and followers, are the most important part of this team. Seeing your photos on social media, reading your product reviews and replying to your emails brings me so much joy. Every time you purchase from us, you are supporting a small business and from the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough.

YOU all make this mind-bogglingly creative, strong, and inspiring community a reality. As I see the community grow, with everyone encouraging and uplifting each other, I feel reassured that we made the right choice to become Uplift Active. Cheers to the future and many more years of flying to come.

Thank you for being with us on this journey!

Be well,


Elaine Eason
Elaine Eason

Elaine is the owner and founder of Uplift Active. She is a passionate aerial yoga instructor with training and certifications in Aerial Yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga, and Aerial Rigging. She enjoys practicing aerial silks and hoops in addition to aerial yoga and has over 4 years of experience helping gyms and studios find their aerial equipment needs.

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